Forwarded as Received: Exception to the Rule

Forwarded as Received: Exception to the Rule

WhatsApp Uncle asks, why a big fuss over a Leetul matter? Isn’t an army officer human? Doesn’t he need company?

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WhatsApp uncle asks, why a big fuss over the Leetul Gogoi case?

BACHCHON… only one regret I hve in life. I did not have more children. Let me tell u very frankly. I was toh ready to have paanch Pandav but your mummy/daadi said no ji, we must listen to PM Hon Mrs Indira Gandhi and beta Rajiv… only hum do hamaare do, no Pandavs, only Luv and Kush se hum rahenge khush!

Now, honourable CM Shri Mahant Yogi Adityanath Shri Ajay Singh Bisht ji has said (according to forward by my colleague (retd) who lives in Gorakhpur, so he pucca knows all words of Ajay Singh Bisht ji) that all TRUE HINDU INDIANS must have 4 children and give one for Army and one for community work.

My sons, I am ashamed to admit that I was ashamed of you… both of u in private service… One toh even works for foreign company!!!! What face will i show Arora, whose son is in coast guard! My dukh increased…. EVEN I HAD NOT JOINED ARMY, while soldiers were on border, I was watching movies in black and enjoying pakodas… My whole family has made hole in dil… we all did business, sarkari service… all 4 self none for Bharat Mata…

I thought and thought… then I said hey! Look at what’s happening to army men… It looks like in NEW INDIA there is always respect for them… but no… even now, there is not always understanding for hardships that jawaans have to face… why should we join when nation can’t decide what to respect and when to say “haw! ye galat hua”?


Ab Major Leetul Gogoi ko hi le lo… When he used a man going to vote as a human shield on a jeep, Swastik and Neha, yaad hai what you said???!!! Human rights, army conduct, this is like Israel se bhi worse… He is worst… idea of India, constitution… phalana dhimkana. But i did not come under varchasva of my pota-poti. All u young folks were being against nation… but i stood by with the brave soldiers as all lovers of New India did…

I said his name maybe Leetul Gogoi, but his love for nation makes him Prachand Gogoi. Such proud feelings i had when he was at HQ (that is headquarters in army talk, u whippersnappers will not even know that) in Srinagar… in beautiful garden maintained by proud Indians… wearing army jacket and helmet while giving press conference to stupid journalists who were wearing normal clothes…

Army and nation was with Big leetul. All said well done — u saved lives by violating rights….

And now?!??! Same army is saying lets court martial national hero!!!! I simply dont understand… were all us nation lovers wrong?!!! Is some law in some rule book more important than rights of our brave soldiers… who have to protect from aatankwaadi, some of whom even have guns and gangs of them with stones!!! Are all human rights important or soldiers human rights? NO! Army did not punish… they praised him… said he is amaze…And now!!! U are punishing him for Being Human? A leetul love and lust?

Bachchon… yes, army folks are not allowed romance like us…. but sometimes niyam mein thodi narmi chalti hai… did his rangraliya hurt anyone??? Then why punish?

Swastik, I know u will say… how u say this dadu… with me toh u love rules :)))) But beta, u r not helping protect nation… Even ARMY knows this…

Where in army rules does it say that hey, make humans a sajavat for bonnet?!!! But for nation, it is okay. All true sons of Bharat Mata agree. Then why all gussa over a Leetul search for company?

Looking at treatment of Leetul, my heart is glad my nithalla sons had no dreams of serving Bharat Mata… better to be private citizens and follow all LAWS.