Forwarded as Received: Dazed and Confused

WhatsApp Uncle on smoking, deleting Facebook and the lack of willpower that cuts across generations.

Written by Aakash Joshi | Updated: April 15, 2018 12:01:18 am
smoking Yes smoking is wrong… it is kamzori of weak willpower….

Bachhon, you know I dont like to do dakhal-andaazi, but it is getting too much sometimes. Angad beta, u are a middle-aged man now… according to ancient sages, time is for you to stay a grihasti person… be caring about family and responsibility… I am sad to say this in front of your mother, wife & children…. BUT SAY NO TO SMOKING!!!!

Yes my family… MY OWN SON does not care about his future… he has many sponges full of tar in his phepras… HAVE YOU SEEN HIM CLIMB STAIRS?!!? He is huffing and puffing like a 90 years old dadaji… ALL three pigs houses would be safe if he was BIG BAD WOLF (Neha, remember that story? Was ur favourite…. now please talk sense to your father… koi baap apni beti ko mana nahi kar sakta:))

I knew in college tu ek do kash maar leta tha… but that’s all okay in young days… little drinks is okay… but SMOKING KILLS!!!

You think I dont know about how this works?!!? I have not played with kacchi golis in my youth… it starts with being a macco man… impressing friends and ladies… then it wastes money and CAUSES CANCER…

Dekho, I am not like my father… that old generation didnt know about enjoying and all… but my, son there is problem with ur generation also…. you all have NO WILLPOWER…. AND u are passing UR WEAKNESS TO UR CHILDREN….

Hamesha ki tarah… Swastik and Neha have not understood my meaning… I know bacchon, you dont smoke and are angry at ur papa…. but look at mirror before stone pelting at other people’s kothis… Yes smoking is wrong… it is kamzori of weak willpower…. BUT ARE YOU BETTER?!??!

I have been seeing chup chaap you ppl on Facebook from your daadi’s account (PLS ACCPT MY REQUEST)… all my family says FB has my data… Narendrabhai Modiji and Amitbhai Shahji used it to trick youth voters…. WHAT TRICK??? All u ppl are doing is being anti-leader and anti-nation all the time?!!! Now u say #DELETEFACEBOOK on Facebook:))))… I am only one boodha aadmi bacchon… but that seems very stupid and very hypocrisy…

Let me tell you very frankly… there is no difference between ur papa and u…. he knows smoking kills, that he has responsibilities towards his parents and children and bhagwan ki dua se someday grandchildren, if Neha ever has time from job to settle down and begin her life… BUT HE IS STILL puffing next to doodhwala in his half-pant every morning… U ppl say fb is bad… it is destroying rights of privacy… it is killing democracy… BUT YOU STAY ON
and share photos of non-veg food and parties and all…. Delete my foot…. U ppl are never leaving…

U see, ur generation has all opinion & no power to hold back…. no discipline…. all things that are good U are against, like notebandi & GST, bcuz it is little uncomfortable for short time…. that’s why Angad smokes… thats why my pota-poti will crib and cry but never leave FB …

I wonder sometimes, shayad meri hi parvarish mein koi kami reh gayi kya?

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