Forwarded as Received: Day of Reckoning

Forwarded as Received: Day of Reckoning

Will New India get five more years? Will WhatsApp Uncle have the last word on May 23?

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Poll of Polls: People queue to cast their vote during the third phase of the Lok Sabha election at Jopadong in Assam’s Baska district (Photo: Dasarath Deka)

My family, paanch saal is over. On May 26, 2014, Bharatvarsh had stepped from old to new, and the promise of Hindu Rashtra was redeemed not in whole measure…. but very substantially!!!!

See, beta Swastik. Everyone can do fancy English quotes with internet… so don’t show off with me!!!!! Yes, bachchon… voting is over and results ka hai intezaar… and i can see that my own pota-poti are anti-nationals… Yes, even now u all r making fun of radar and email tippani of adarnya Pradhan Mantri Hindu hriday samrat Shri Narendra Bhai Modi ji… u all think u are so smart… You lyk to Google search and show off ur knowledge….

But bachchon!!! People like ur daadu and Narendra bhai have learnt their knowledge from tajurba of life… Clouds are bhagwaan Indra’s radar jammer… and those who can communicate via tapasya have always had even faster and better service than electronic mail!!!! My family… u think lyk goras now… u must know that wisdom is more important than knowledge, that only great souls can have wisdom…

Bachchon, now, in final din of first term of achhe din… u need to learn ur lesson… I know what ur thinking… u say “Hey, that daadu is doing bhaashanbazi again”… but my family, plz listen to me… ppl from poora colony still come and say, “Joshiji ke mashware se zindagi hoti hai saphal”.


My family… let me tell u very frankly… all this fact, liberal, reason nonsense time is over…If PPL of India will give us more years of Modi sarkaar… that is the only satya that matters… and it is our dharma to follow it…. Like Lord Ram gave up his own wife for welfare of ppl, BJP will give up people for welfare of nation… I hope u r all understanding what i am saying… bachchon, this is time to fulflil dharma towards nation….

And what if NEW INDIA is voted out???? Then bachchon…. it is fault of ppl only… if after Swachch Bharat, all terror and Pakistan defeating, ppl still want jobs and unity in diversity…. what can u say? Only good thing will be librandus lyk u will keep quiet!!!

Dekho, my family… we r now old… ur daadi and i will soon be swargwaasi… it is u all who have to build future, make this country grate again… instead u only talk about jati, and Mohammedans and missionaries (who only do dharam parivartan)… and u make fun of our honest leaders… Please dont do all this naughtiness… be part of nation-building, or u will be crushed under malba of Bharat Mata.