Forwarded as Received: All the World’s a Stage

Forwarded as Received: All the World’s a Stage

WhatsApp Uncle basks in the glow of a Texas evening

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Flying high: The audience at the ‘Howdy Modi’ event in Houston. (Photo: File Photo)

HOWDY MY FAMILY!!!! I know what u r thinking…. arree… what is old Dadu doing giving all fancy Englishwala hullo in this season? When whole of Bharat is doing vichaar on how to make our swantantrata complete… hen adarniya griha mantri lohpurush shero ka sher, Lakshman of Ram Rajya Shri Amitbhai Shahji is talking of Hindi being made rashtra bhaasha.. vivran in language of angrez? That too in auspicious Navratra time?

Bachchon… for 1200 saal India was ghulam…. but under the able leadership of Chakravartin samrat, Gujarat lion, maryada purushottam, Pradhan Mantri Shri Narendra bhai Modi ji EVEN IN USA ALL R IMPRESSED BY GREATNESS OF BHARAT MATA!! IN UN, IN TEXAS next to great businessman leader deal maker Donald bhai Trump ji, Modi ji has shown India is gr8… BUT…. some in india r not understanding…My son, my vansh ka chiraag, Angad… why u r complaining about Diwali bonus….?!!!! You only think of money when india is being gr8? You dont care about honour of Bharat Mata?!!! And Swastik…. ur anti-nationalism is getting too much,,, Modiji speaks in all languages of india in HOUSTON OF TEXAS AND U COMPLAIN ABOUT HINDU RASHTRA?!!! He say unity in diversity… but u hv problem with that also?!!!! If some fancy Tharoor in accent had said u wud say vah vah!!!!

My family… let me give u some mashvarha.. hum ne bahut duniya dekhi hai…. this is not time to be negative Narad muni… it is time to be positive… to help build nation… and those who work against nation, nation bhi nahi bhoolega.

But part of me is also being understanding…. u see… let me tell u very frankly… ab apno se kya chhupaana… this time for Dusehrra and Diwali… there is no evil for maryaada purushottam and Lakshman…. no gr8 battle to fight…. all italian Ravans r in vanvaas!!!!! All foreign leftists will be washed away by Sabarimala goddess… all regional leaders will toh join New India project only…. across border, all r saying wow! what surgical strike!!!!


And all popularity of India in videsh PMji has IN HINDI ONLY, NOT BEING SOME MONKEY TRYING TO BE LIKE OTHERS!!!!  and all leaders r respecting for that… that’s why i say howdy!!!! Becoz world mein all leaders want to say howdy to India becoz of adarniya PM….But my family… remember…. never is all okay for long… dharm ka saamna karne ke liye adharm prakat hota hi hai…. Joshi vansh must stay on side of dharm…. otherwise, we will be on side of adharmabeta Angad… beta Swastik… Don’t say anti-national complaining… be with New India….

I m retired govt servant… I know what govt can do….