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Friday, April 03, 2020

Educate Before You Agitate

WhatsApp Uncle on how to pass exams with flying colours, with a little help from the PM.

Written by Aakash Joshi | Updated: February 18, 2018 11:23:23 am
Educate Before You Agitate WhatsApp Uncle on how to pass exams with flying colours, with a little help from the PM. (Source: Thinkstock)

Bachhon, someone rightly said jawaani is wasted on you people. Look at how lucky you are… what all you have… but all you do is complain. In my bachpan and youth, like you all i also gave exams… then there was work and family life, THE GREATEST TEST OF ALL. Maine ye sab, apna poora jeevan, MANAGED WITHOUT ANY HELP. But you are so lucky. you have the greatest helping hand… MODI JI is with you for every test in life.

I know what you are thinking Neha… you will say: “Dadu, main abhi kaam shuru kar rahin hoon. What use I have for Exam Warriors?” My family, let me tell you very frankly, other pradhan mantri books, politician books I cannot read. Sheetal, you remember, jab tum beti ban ke hamaare ghar aayi thi, I gifted you Nehru’s letters to Indira Gandhi… how fool I was! Myself, I never even read Discovery of India… but all the appeasers and psuedo-secularists who were my bosses in the Directorate had these books… so I thought I would also keep in shelf for dinner parties. But in NEW INDIA Modi ji has accessible advice for ALL.

Exam Warriors has best advice for all situation of life in form of useful mantras… beta Swastik, hassled about submitting thesis — “be a warrior, not a worrier”. Angad, don’t stay up with work all night for a presentation because “sleep is a great weapon, sharpen it”. Sheetal, worried that because you are dutiful you will fall behind others in office? Remember “the present is God’s greatest ‘Present’ — live in the here and now”. Every mantra has words from Modi ji to explain and help, drawings of wonderful young children and a playful bunny rabbit — just like the one I bought Angad when he was baby. Compare this with Nehru’s fancy English or farragos of Tharoor… My family, you know how much I care for you all… I say you must have this book. Do not think it is just for small children. It is for all who face tests in life (with pictures, it gives lovely yoga positions for all to use). Swastik, I just saw your message… is this respect you show elders? Or hon. PM? You think only JNU or Harvard walas knows about exams? From his childhood, our pradhan mantri has faced tests, from chai shops to platforms, from bad media and Emergency to elections! He has passed 1st class every time. WHAT UPBRINGING ARE YOU GIVING MY GRANDCHILDREN!?! Sheetal! Angad! Answer me!

When Padmaavat was against the honour of dutiful Hindu wives, you all said “Dadu, papa, we must at least watch before judging”. Now you judge without reading? For my sake bachhon, read Exam Warriors with wide open mind… practise all that book says… in studies, work, life and relationships, you will win every battle.

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