Forwarded as Received: Same Pinch

Forwarded as Received: Same Pinch

WhatsApp Uncle on the perils of being head of a family.

Neha beta, for you toh I have lost all ummeed …I see whatsapp DP with boys in your friends ka group… then there is no sharam about data sharing.. (Representational Image)

My family, what has happened to people of India? You all know… we believe VASUDEV KUTUMBHAKAM… whole world is ONE FAMILY. But there are INDIAN people who do not act like even people of India are ONE family. If all were noble, would they question the prime minister…the HEAD OF INDIAN FAMILY.

People are saying look, NaMo APP is collecting data… what is this nonsense? Angad, you tell me, do you not want to know what your children are upto?! Before any of you said HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADU, PM Modi wished me on my birthday… said dhanyavaad for support (such respect for a retired person like me!:) … he wants whole of India and even all NRIs to be his children… but like you people, others are also ungrateful!

Neha beta, for you toh I have lost all ummeed …I see whatsapp DP with boys in your friends ka group… then there is no sharam about data sharing… doing online shopping Swastik, for shoes that cost more than one month’s parchoon, you have no privacy about sharing address and email and all….

So what if one loyal son of PMji tweets about elections? Does that mean all are snooping?? DONT FORGET WHO DID EMERGENCY… I would have gone to jail too, but I had job which gives me pension now, so maine kuch bola nahi… SHEETAL AND NEHA, LEARN FROM YOUR DAADI/SAASU MA — she is never abusing anyone in front of me…


But I know what must be making the head of Indian family sad… It is not opponents saying things…I understand because I am also father and grandfather… we do all for others, give advice no one listens… just like you all PM does speeches, every month on every radio there is Mann ki Baat. He works so hard on Twitter to keep in touch, saying to all foreign leaders, hey you are amazing in all languages… he even has a free NaMo app to teach and love his Indian (and NRI) family… but there are always some ppl in a family who are the kala bheds. They are those who make our noses cut in public…

You all don’t read news… only fashion magazine and all… one BJP MLA, PERSON FROM MODIJI’S OWN PARTY said girls are getting atrocities because they have boyfriends… YOU ALL KNOW… from his 1st bhaashan in lal kila, PM said girls must be equal with freedom to boys…He has said it on APP and Mann ki Baat and everywhere…. but people in his own political Parivar are saying this nonsense… and you are saying PMji, worry about privacy… These are all new concerns for fancy city people in Dilli and Mumbai… BUT MLA FROM MP IS SAYING ALL THIS ANTI GIRLS THINGS… what about beti bachao beti padhao??

The real worry of all parents and grandparents is when YOUR OWN bacche don’t listen to you. PM and I have the same problem…