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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Road Rash Redux

WhatsApp uncle shifts gears on entitlement, says at least his generation worked hard for their ambassadors.

Written by Aakash Joshi | Published: March 4, 2018 3:56:20 pm
corruption in new india Four times in two days, boys in white SUV cars, toyota fotunererunner… they abused me. One said janta hai mera baap kaun hai?. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

Bacchon, kabhi kabhi even I don’t understand the world, what is happening. All this politics, change, New India, Modiji and his chai to PM’s chair glory, par middle class people like us are always crushed. And Delhi is the worst. You know I had many postings in Delhi, and everytime there people will do show off, say you have no value.

Postings in Ludhiana or Chandigarh, I had respect… Sarkar ka kaam, desh ka kaam kartein the hum. But in Delhi, I was just a two-wheeler wala… only the ambassador, the gaadi of the big babu had some izzat. Beta Angad… I know what you said… papa, ab gaya woh licence raj ka zamaana, where only corruption and babus could make money. I also thought my son… I also thought. But you are WRONG!!!! It’s true, ambassador is only for taxi-wallas now, but disrespect is there always.

You kids may think dadu now there is 7th pay commission… you have WagonR… why complain? But middle-class aadmi middle class hi rahta hai. Four times in two days, boys in white SUV cars … toyota fotunererunner, scorpio, pajero… they ran red lights, abused me… even threatened. One said janta hai mera baap kaun hai? I said maybe… was he in income tax department???

Bacchon, I am old… but i worry about you. In my time, IAS walas would jatao their ambassador cars… but they at least did jobs, passed exams to get where they are… Now, these fortunerunner boys just have aggression on their father’s hard work… they must all be sons of Nirav Modi type people… papas friends get them loans you never have to pay off.

Swastik, I know we disagree… most times you are disrespectful about Mother India, saying human rights and all are being violated under Narendrabhai and Amitbhai… but now i am with you…

Why do we support society that has no respect for elders?!!? Only thing that matters is money… paisa toh aish…

My family, I dont know what to say…. so much faith we all put in New India… but the only difference in my time and yours is the model of car… We were people who wanted ambassador ka rob… to show the world how we achieved a white car… you people have white fortunerunner BUT you don’t even want to work for it….

* Sometimes, I feel sorry for your generation…

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