Beyond the Veil: WhatsApp Uncle on why anti-nationals and nationalists could do with a little clarity

Beyond the Veil: WhatsApp Uncle on why anti-nationals and nationalists could do with a little clarity

Nationalists should unite like Amar, Akbar and Anthony.

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The patriot act: A still from the film Amar Akbar Anthony.

My family!!!! Purdah hai purdah…. purdah hai purdah!!! Purde ke peeche, purdah NASHIN HAI… No bachcho… ur daadu is not singing this madhur geet in joy… song with beautiful rishi ji and neetu behna is being remembered by me for all sad and wrong reasons about nation.

My family… purdah song is from superhit picture Amar Akbar Anthony… that is film about being unity in motherland… BUT TODAY ALL R DOING DISUNITY AND MISCHIEF… When adarnaiya pradhan mantri purushon ka purush yoga ka greatness rajneeti ka badshaah new india’s ram and jambvan shri narendra bhai modi ji is doing beautiful cleaning in front of China leader and all vishwa… ANTI NATIONALS R SPREADING LIES…. that all is happening is lies and litter was spread…As always beta swastik U HAVE MADE ME ASHAMED BY SHARING THIS FAKE NEWS…. PM ji was doing prime swacchta sewa for desh… BUT U TRIED TO SHARE PURDAH OF FAKE NEWS… saying all was a natak… U HAV BEEN PROVED WRONG…. NOW PLZ APOLOGIES TO PRADHAN SEWAK… AND TO NATION

U all toh dont understand only… in New India, all maya will be dissolved… no lies against BHARAT MATA and her priya param putras PM Modi ji and Loh Purush Griha Mantri Amit Bhai shah ji will be saho-ed….

Plz my family… let me tell u very frankly… it has been six yrs… and country is changed… RSS sarsangchalak adarniya Mohan Bhagwat has said… INDIA IS HINDU RASHTRA… BUT U ALL KEEP GOING ON ABOUT VIDESHI CONCEPTS LIKE LYNCHING…


Bachchon… get out of this purdah… 1,200 saal ki ghulaami is over… even in Amar Akbar Anthony…. Amar was biggest brother… elder of family… Ram…. do not get caught up in moh-maya of all foreign terms of sickularism…. Look what all is happening… Ram temple will be built, there is peace and quiet in Kashmir and all enemies of India lyk Pakistan is saying secretly… wah modi ji!!!! wah!!!! New truth of history is coming out also…. Gandhi ji was good friend of RSS…. only question is why old RSS man kill him???? Im sure nationalist historian will tell….

Only problem now is lack of clarity…. bachchon… do not tell outsiders… but i think some purdah is on eyes of Hindu rashtra ppl also… some confusion is happening… U see… Amit Bhai Shah ji has said that all bangladeshi will be thrown out… chun chun ke… but to bangladesh pm madam toh they r saying… “hey relax… no one will be thrown out!!!! Then bachchon…. Amit Bhai said all anti-national former kendriya mantris and CMs r danger to bharat mata and will do naughtiness in Kashmir…. so use PSA on Abdullah and Mufti vansh and take away virasaat of these leaders…. BUT THEN GOVERNOR SAY WORK WITH MAINSTREAM PARTIES!!!!

Bachchon, what is happening?!!!! May be national forces r being divided?!!! Or r some doing fake news like nithalla pota swastik?!!!! All Hindu Rashtravadis must quickly become united, even if they have differences… like Amar, Akbar, Anthony…