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Friday, January 17, 2020

Kailaasa or New India? WhatsApp Uncle wonders how they are different

Could Kailaasa be the longed-for Hindu rashtra? WhatsApp Uncle wants to know.

Written by Aakash Joshi | Published: December 8, 2019 7:47:43 am
Kailaasa, Kailaasa whatsapp uncle, Kailaasa in india, Kailaasa location, whatsapp uncle sunday eye, indian express, indian express news Planting a flag: Kailaasa is reportedly on an island near South America. (Source: Getty Images)

My family…. 2day i want to ask u all a simple question…. Where does beautiful phool of kamal khilo?!! Yes my family… it khilos in keechad… Now i ask to u all second sawaal. Is dirt of mud greater or beauty of Lotus flower?!!! Bachchon… dont think that daadu toh aaj sathiya gaye hain…These thoughts r all coming to me becoz of funny article shared on grp by pota Swastik.. BALATKAAR AROPI SADHU NITHYANADA HAS FORMED NEW HINDU RASHTRA… Yes my family… let me tell u v frankly… this fellow has done all evil things and RUN AWAY FROM BHARAT MATA!!!!! Things he is accused of… by god ki kasam i cannot even say in front of ladies and children….

But bachchon, his thoughts of BEST HINDU RASHTRA R SO BEAUTIFUL… LIKE ALL PEOPLE OF NATIONALIST PARTY… Beta swastik, u r sending hasiya ras mein likha article about Kailaasa, Nitya’s new rashtra…but for real hindu patriots it is not joke… it is matter of gr8 duvidha….Kailaasa is so perfect country idea bachchon!!!! IT IS IMPLEMENTING ALL GR8 IDEAS OF hindu hriday samrat raja rishi brahamachari howdy of america daddy of india adarniya pradhan mantri shri narendra bhai damodardas modi ji and terror of terrorists guard against ghuspaithi chunaav chanakya griha mantri amit bhai shah ji….

1st toh it is writing about SECRET HINDU HOLOCOST …. yes my family… so many hindus hv been hatya-o-fied… WE ALL TOH DONT KNOW… AND KAILAASA IS HOLY ABODE LYK MT KAILASH!! Bachchon… this is same idea as CITIZENSHIP AMENDMENT BILL. but in bharat mata, we have exculded only persecuted mohomedans… kailaasa only hindus r welcome…beta swastik, u hv made fun of “third eye vigyaan” of Kailaasa… u say oh… what a mumbo jumbo… beti neha… u say, this all temple lifestyle and gurukul education is “regressive and patryarcal”…. but my family… there is so much ancient wisdom we all dont know… Modi ji also said that ganesh ji was ANCIENT INDIAN PLASTIC SURGERY KA UDAHARAN. and Karna birth was known becoz of genentic testing… if all this is known… why there cant be third eye science?!!!!

Bachchon… Kailaasa also has pavitra temple lifestyle…. plz plz see… which party u all know that has finally built temple on site of BIRTHPLACE OF LORD RAM… THATS RIGHT… BHARATIYA JANATA PARTY!!!!! Even this idea of kailaasa is from Modi ji…. and hon RSS and BJP

My family… all nationalists who r good betas and betis of motherland r working hard to make india sarvottam desh on ideas of PM and HM… But if other hindu rashtra is there… even if it is kamal in kichad… shud we be bhakts of that also…. Bachchon… IS THERE ANY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NEW INDIA AND KAILAASA?!!!!
i am not knowing answer….

This article appeared in the print edition with the headline ‘A Place to Call Home’

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