The Trip 2 actor Shweta Tripathi: I want to leave behind a legacy of good work

The Trip 2 actor Shweta Tripathi: I want to leave behind a legacy of good work

Actor Shweta Tripathi says the audience will be able to relate to her character of Ananya in The Trip 2.

The Trip 2 actor Shweta Tripathi on marriage
The Trip 2 actor Shweta Tripathi says her husband and in-laws respect the fact that she is a workaholic.

Shweta Tripathi made an impression with her character Shaalu in Masaan. She followed it up with films like Haraamkhor and TV shows like The Trip. Her TV Show The Trip is back with another season and Shweta spoke about the same in an exclusive conversation with She also opened up about married life.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q. What is The Trip 2 about?

While the bond between the girls remain, this season is more about finding oneself. My character Ananya, though happily married, feels something is amiss in her life. Ananya feels she has given up on her dreams and lost something somewhere. It’s a beautiful series and I am sure a lot of people will be able to relate to it. Through the season, I realised that as much as others happiness is important, one shouldn’t put their needs in the back seat. Indian women usually tend to forget themselves once married. But one must stand up for themselves. If you are not happy, you will never be able to give happiness to others.

Q. How was the experience of working with your co-actors once again?

We really enjoy each other’s company. We keep meeting even if it’s not for work. Our conversations are deep and not only about shopping and boys (laughs). On the work front, we all were really secure people and so it was all really peaceful. We have been really supportive towards each other. That helped us grow as a person and performer.

The Trip 2 stars Amyra Dastur, Sapna Pabbi, Mallika Dua and Shweta Tripathi
The Trip 2 stars Amyra Dastur, Sapna Pabbi, Mallika Dua and Shweta Tripathi.

Q. As an actor, which medium do you enjoy the most?

While growing up I always wanted to see myself on the big screen. More so because there were no laptops then and viewing on mobile was a far-fetched dream. Films definitely have its own fun. But with digital, what I love is that people can even watch a series, sitting on their pot. As an artist, I am really greedy and want more people to see my work. So it’s a great medium. As for television, I don’t really relate to what’s been made these days.

Q. Why do you do such few films?

I am a very instinct driven person. So till the time, my heart doesn’t say ‘qubool hai’, I don’t take up projects even if it has a great director and awesome money. If you are not convinced, the camera catches it. And I don’t want to lie. I am okay with doing even just one scene if it makes a difference in the bigger picture. I can’t do anything just because I am sitting at home.

The Trip 2 starcast
The entire star cast of The Trip 2.

Q. And what about commercial films?

Aaah, that’s tricky (laughs). For me, the script is the real hero. I don’t see if it’s commercial or independent but what it has to offer. I don’t want to do it just because I want my film to release in 3000 screens. I want to leave behind a legacy of good work.

Q. Finally, how’s married life treating you?

It’s amazing! People scare you that marriages are difficult to deal with. But if you are clear in your thoughts, it works quite well. My husband and in-laws understand that I love working and being on set is like worship to me. After just four days of my wedding, I was back to work. They respect my job and have never questioned me. And that’s what makes us so close. It’s great to have a partner to sail through the ups and downs of life.