The Other Way review: This short film by Imtiaz Ali is the tale of our deepest fears

The Other Way review: This short film by Imtiaz Ali is the tale of our deepest fears

The Other Way review: Imtiaz Ali's 15-minute short film is the story of Rewa, a bride who is questioning her decision just moments before her wedding. The film also questions the deepest fears that hold us back from taking the leap of faith.

the other way by imtiaz ali
The Other Way: This Imtiaz Ali short film is the story of fear and freedom.

Imitiaz Ali has always been a master storyteller and with his latest short film, The Other Way, the director shows that at the helm of every big decision lies a mountain of doubt. This film is the story of a bride, Rewa, who starts questioning her decision to get married just hours before her wedding.

The film’s story unfolds in a non-linear way. We are introduced to a bride who is moments away from her wedding but as the film progresses, we find that even though she is getting married to her longtime boyfriend, who she claims she’s in love with, she is facing her biggest fear ‘What if I get bored once I’m married?’.

Before any big decisions are to be made, one prefers to usually talk them out and such is the case with Rewa as well. In this case, Rewa finds comfort in a stranger, Arjun. A photographer who she has met just one day before her big day. She wants to voice her fears, her hesitation, her doubts, her life as a wife and the freedom that she fears losing. She needs affirmation before she actually takes that leap of faith.

Dialogue writing has always been Ali’s strongest suit and with the dialogues and voice over of this short, Ali fully convinces us that strong wordplay can get the attention of the audience in just a few seconds. The film’s opening voice-over by Ali himself talks about the strange nature of time and with this, the viewer is hooked. The 15-minute film is focused on the fears that cloud our decision-making. Imtiaz presents these fears in a beautiful way where he reveals the outcome right at the start but it is the journey that we stick around for.


Rewa, played by Shreya Chaudhry, is vivacious. Her eyes speak a thousand words and deliver the internal monologue of the character in crucial moments. Pavel Gulati plays Arjun and though he is just a catalyst in Rewa’s journey, his performance makes you want to watch more work by the actor. Edited by Manish Jaitly, the non-linear approach of this short bookmarked with photographs provides the punctuation that gives this short film an effortless flow.

The Other Way by Large Short Films is a treat for Imtiaz Ali fans and at 15 minutes, it is just perfect for those who were scarred after Jab Harry Met Sejal.