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Supriya Pathak shared room growing up with Ratna Pathak Shah, remembers building first house with Pankaj Kapur

Supriya Pathak talks about her memories of growing up sharing a room with sister Ratna Pathak Shah and building a home with husband Pankaj Kapur.

supriya pathak, ratna pathak shah, pankaj kapurSupriya Pathak talks about growing up with sister Ratna Pathak and building a house with Pankaj Kapur. (Photo: Idhar Udhar show/YouTube, Express Archive)

For those who watched Home Shanti recently, it was the relatability of the show that stood out. Capturing the journey of a middle-class family building the home of their dreams, the show stars Supriya Pathak and Manoj Pahwa as the parents who have been saving all their lives so that they can afford the brick-and-mortar house. Pathak, who is garnering acclaim for her lived-in performance, says that the show rings a bell for her too.

“While it’s the most important thing, finding a home is the toughest experience. We have tried to bring the story across without much drama. Given that either comedy or thrillers are being streamed right now, Home Shanti will be a perfect break for families. It will make you feel like it’s your own story and will even leave a big smile on your face,” she said in a chat with indianexpress.com.

As she spoke about it being a ‘relatable experience’, we quizzed her on the time she bought her first home with husband Pankaj Kapur. Sharing that her father-in-law always propagated buying a house rather than renting, the couple since the start of their relationship wanted to have a home together. “As we were about to get married, we decided to buy a house, but as usual we had no money. We took a loan and found a great place. As kids grew up, we knew we wanted a bigger place and that became a tough process. While house hunting, we would always fall short by this much. We couldn’t afford the house we liked and the money was always an issue. For me, buying the house we are living in is nothing but a miracle. Building a home is the toughest yet most cherished journey, and this is why the show is terribly relatable to me.”

Actor Pankaj Kapur with wife Supriya Pathak and son Shahid Kapoor. (Express archive photo)

On the show, Supriya Pathak’s character is most times at loggerheads with her husband (played by Manoj Pahwa) while finalising their dream house. When asked if she had the same experience in real life too, the Khichdi actor laughed to share, “Pankaj ji and I have the same taste. So we didn’t really have any differences. I was lucky that way.”

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Interestingly, Supriya shared that her father never believed in buying a house and hence she has no memory of building a home as a kid. “I bought my first house with Pankaj. We lived in a rented place and since my father died very young, I didn’t know anything about getting a house.”

The actor said that she grew up sharing the room with sister Ratna Pathak Shah. And while sharing space was never an issue, Supriya said they fought over every small reason. “We fought about everything but never about sharing space. Since there was no other room that we could go to after a fight, we had to stick together. Ratna didi and I have had huge fights about clothes or not keeping the soap in the right place. We had multiple fights all the time,” the actor said with a smile.

Supriya Pathak with husband Pankaj Kupur, sister Ratna Pathak Shah, and brother in law Naseeruddin Shah at daughter Sanah Kapur’s wedding, (Photo: Vivaan Shah/Instagram)

Recently, Ratna Pathak Shah, in an interview had mentioned how Supriya and Deepti Naval never got the parts that they deserved. When asked to give her take on the same, the actor said that while she doesn’t want to negate her sister’s statement, she doesn’t believe that she wasn’t given her due. “That was the kind of work and roles that were there. The major part of the interesting work that we got was in parallel cinema. There were so many actors but no other outlet. I think I deserved what I got. And then television came in, where I did a lot of work. Personally, I am satisfied, I believe in destiny and fate. I don’t regret anything and actually believe that malik ki dua thi jo bohot mila (it was God’s grace that I got a lot),” Supriya Pathak concluded.

First published on: 11-05-2022 at 06:51:17 pm
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