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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Sumeet Vyas on audio show Permanent Roommates He Said, She Said: It’ll appeal to a larger audience

Sumeet Vyas on reprising his role of Mikesh for Permanent Roommates: He Said, She Said, a 20-episode series created by The Viral Fever for Audible Suno.

Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai |
Updated: March 11, 2020 6:55:40 pm
sumeet vyas photos Sumeet Vyas is set to return as Mikesh in Permanent Roommates: He Said, She Said.

Popular web series Permanent Roommates is all set to make its comeback as an audio show. Titled Permanent Roommates: He Said, She Said, the 20-episode series created by The Viral Fever will be available on Audible Suno. The show will present anecdotes from the lives of Mikesh and Tanya when they moved in together. Their daily lives and candid relationship issues will be highlighted in this one-of-a-kind audio series. As a treat to their fans, the original lead cast Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh will be voicing their characters.

In an exclusive chat with, Sumeet Vyas gets chatty about Permanent Roommate’s new avatar, the challenges of the medium and more.

Excerpts from the conversation:

What was your first reaction when you got to know about Permanent Roommates being turned into an audio show?

I was ecstatic, to say the least. We have been thinking of taking the story forward but didn’t know how to reinvent. We did not want to get into the rut. So when this came our way, everyone associated with the show was so excited. It’s a new medium and a new way to tell the story. The show is based on what happens with Mikesh and Tanya between the two seasons, so it’s basically Permanent Roommates, version 1.5.

What can one expect from it?

Well, the episodes are new with different stories. Also, for the audience, it’s going to be very liberating as the visuals will not bind them. They will be able to use their vivid imagination when it comes to details of what the character is wearing, where are they etc. It’s going to be more like reading a book. It’s definitely going to be a unique experience for everyone.

permanent roommates photos Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh in a still from TVF show Permanent Roommates.

Since you have done so many other things in between, was it difficult to get into the character of Mikesh after so long?

I think it did take a couple of readings. The team met, read and discussed the script. Since it’s an entirely new writing team, we sat together and gave our inputs. We wanted to maintain the ethos of the characters. I think it was a lot of fun for me. It felt more like coming back home.

Comedy is more appealing when you have visuals. Do you feel a light-hearted show like yours will work on the audio platform?

Yes, I am sure it will. We enjoy a good joke on WhatsApp and laugh about it. And here, we are offering much more than that. Any one who has a good sense of humour will find the show funny. Also, being on the audio medium, it will actually appeal to a larger audience.

But do you feel the audience will give their full attention while listening?

That also varies from person to person. We even have people in cinema halls being on the phone. If you are a distracted person, you will never pay attention to anything. If you are someone who loves to listens to songs or interviews, especially when you are on a drive, it’s a great option. It actually requires less focus as you can even multitask while listening to something.

How was the overall experience of recording for the show?

It was really great as it was devoid of all frills. There was no vanity involved, and we could wear anything while working on it. We had to just dive into the character and focus on the story. We did not have to worry about a set, light, or any production requirement.

Was it also easier for you since it was Mikesh?

Not really, as I have done a lot of audio, voiceover and radio ads before. I really enjoy the medium and dubbing. It allows me to spread my wings and become different people. On a visual medium, you can only play certain characters as you are bound by your looks. But it’s so liberating, for you can be as many people as you can on the audio medium.

Also, as a writer, do you feel the script needs to be penned in a different way when working on the audio medium?

You would have to work a little harder, as there’s no visual aid. On the other medium, even if the scene is not well thought about, the director can help. Visual does adds more to the script. But here, there’s nothing else and so one has to work doubly hard on the timings.

Lastly, what do you have to say about this latest trend of audio shows?

I hope it’s here to stay. I am quite addicted to it, and keep listening to a lot of audio books. It’s such a great medium as one gets to visualise so many different things.

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