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Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Streaming Guide: Movies, web series and TV shows to watch on March 21

Movies online: Here are the web series and movies you should watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, SonyLIV, ALTBalaji, ZEE5 and Voot among more.

Written by Sampada Sharma , Kshitij Rawat , Arushi Jain | New Delhi |
Updated: March 22, 2020 3:31:02 pm
 Streaming guide Here’s what you can watch on streaming platforms on March 20.  Streaming guide Here’s what you can watch on streaming platforms on March 20.

The coronavirus crisis has led many to limit themselves to their homes and while this could have been a boring exercise for some, streaming platforms have been a saviour in these trying times.

Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, ZEE5, AltBalaji, VootSelect, SonyLIV and more provide an umpteen number of shows and films that will keep you engaged as you sit at home.

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Recently, the web series titled State of Siege 26/11 premiered on ZEE5. The show is based on the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Actor Arjun Bijlani plays Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan on the show. In a recent conversation with, the actor said, “It is an honour to play him. He was the training officer, and very close to everyone. Everyone had a tremendous amount of respect for him. While saving so many lives, he got martyred. And even with the emotion and trauma, his team continued to fight with bravery and passion. I feel we call ourselves heroes, but we are nothing in front of them.”

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Want to watch a web series or movie online? Check out our streaming guide.

20:44 (IST)21 Mar 2020
Barry: Hotstar

SNL alum Bill Hader's HBO comedy series Barry blends the hilarious and the macabre. There is never a dull moment in this sharply written show. Hader's titular character is an ex-United States Marine who now works as a ruthless hitman in the Midwest, but he does not like his job. He goes to Los Angeles on an 'assignment' and ends up in a community of people looking to making an entry into Los Angeles's theatre scene.

Exploring his humanity there makes him question his life choices, but extricating himself from that job may not be as easy as it looks. Hilarity ensues.

20:24 (IST)21 Mar 2020
Rome: Hotstar

Before Game of Thrones, HBO had Rome, a lavish and no-holds-barred take on Roman Empire around the time of Caesar’s assassination. It is a gorgeously shot show that unfortunately turned out to be simply too expensive and was discontinued after 2 seasons in spite of huge success. 

20:08 (IST)21 Mar 2020
The Boys: Amazon Prime Video

An adaptation of the comic book series of the same name, The Boys is an attack on the very concept of superheroes, something that has rarely been done well. Sure, Batman v Superman had similar elements (Superman as a Jesus-like figure who could go evil; Batman branding criminals with the symbol), but the ideas were poorly implemented. This is a world in which superheroes are real, but instead of being symbols of nobility and goodness like the Avengers and Justice League, they have allowed status and fame to go to their head, and have become violent and reckless. It offers formula of gallows humour and unremitting, gleeful brutality. A refreshing change from the so-called 'Avengers fatigue'.

19:53 (IST)21 Mar 2020
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie: Netflix

In terms of look and feel, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie feels like a particularly eventful episode of Breaking Bad. It is a worthy edition to the canon. It takes forward the story of a character (Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman) who was the moral centre of the show — or at least one who passed for one — and completes his arc in a satisfying way.

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19:16 (IST)21 Mar 2020
Fear the Walking Dead: Amazon Prime Video

Fear the Walking Dead is a spinoff series of the zombie juggernaut series The Walking Dead, and is set in the same world. It gets average later on, but it is worth checking out the zombie apocalypse in this world from other perspectives and new  cast of characters.

18:40 (IST)21 Mar 2020
Thor: Ragnarok: Hotstar

The third Thor film, Thor: Ragnarok, was colourful, thrilling and sort of nuts adventure helmed by Taika Waititi who basically reinvented the God of Thunder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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18:12 (IST)21 Mar 2020
The Witcher: Netflix

Based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s stories, which also inspired a hugely popular series of open-world RPG video-games, The Witcher is a highly entertaining fantasy show starring Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan.

18:02 (IST)21 Mar 2020
Watchmen: Hotstar

HBO’s Watchmen series is “remix” to Alan Moore’s graphic novel of the same name. It is created by Damon Lindelof, co-creator of Lost and HBO’s own The Leftovers. It is a bona fide sequel to the source material that despite telling a fresh story with (mostly) new characters stays true to the spirit of the original.

17:30 (IST)21 Mar 2020
The Exorcist: Hotstar and Amazon Prime Vide

Based on the film that has come to represent and define the genre, this Fox’s TV series is actually really good. It acts as a sequel to the original story and comes under the umbrella of the franchise. The Exorcist redefined the then stale horror genre and spawned several sequels, each one falling way short of the original. This TV series undoes some of the damage. The atmosphere alone would make you fall in love with the franchise again.

17:10 (IST)21 Mar 2020
Bates Motel: Amazon Prime video and Netflix

Bates Motel is the prequel to one of the greatest, genre-defining psychological horror movies. Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho gets a sequel in Bates Motel. We know Norman Bates was a batshit crazy guy with a dual personality who kept the exhumed corpse of his mother in his living room. But how did he come to be that person (Or should I say, persons)? Bates Motel tells that story. It also offers a nuanced look at Dissociative Personality Disorder. And did I mention it is downright creepy? Bates Motel is proof that you don’t need ghosts and monsters to freak the hell out of people. Sometimes the inner demons are scary enough. 

16:52 (IST)21 Mar 2020
The Returned: Netflix

When a loved one dies, we mourn them. And we often say, “I wish he/she would come back!” or something to that effect, but we really don’t want that, do we? What is dead should ideally stay dead. Otherwise, there might arise a number of complications as shown in this American remake of the French original Les Revenants, called The Returned. 

16:28 (IST)21 Mar 2020
Penny Dreaful: Amazon Prime Video and Netflix

A horror series set in Victorian London, Penny Dreadful brings together many literary characters of that era and makes a gorgeous, beautifully shot, gripping (not to mention scary) drama. The title may be based on cheap horror fiction that used to sell in those times, but the show’s production quality is quite magnificent. Eva Greene as the heroine Vanessa Ives is magnetic, and the rest of the cast serves her well. This Showtime show follows a definitive arc for its four or five major characters across its three seasons. Penny Dreadful can be watched on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

15:50 (IST)21 Mar 2020
American Gods: Amazon Prime Video

A dazzlingly beautiful and bloody Neil Gaiman adaptation, American Gods has Bryan Fuller's distinctive touches that help make gore look beautiful. It is not just all visual, however, as American Gods nicely elaborates upon the eternal war between tradition and modernity without straying too far from its solid source material. Stream it on Amazon Prime Video. 

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15:23 (IST)21 Mar 2020
Better Call Saul: Netflix

Better Call Saul may well be better than the show it owes its existence to -- Breaking Bad. The descent of Jimmy McGill, better known as Saul Goodman, from a good-hearted, but reckless person to a cheap crooked lawyer has more depth and tragedy than Walter White's transformation into a drug kingpin according to many critics. 

14:53 (IST)21 Mar 2020
Goliath: Amazon Prime Video

Remember the deadly hitman Lorne Malvo from Fargo’s season 1? The guy, Billy Bob Thornton, plays a world-weary lawyer in this brilliant and sadly underrated series.

14:37 (IST)21 Mar 2020
The Deuce: Hotstar

Helmed by The Wire creator and his collaborator George Pelecanos, The Deuce has the same immaculate attention to detail that categorised The Wire. Although the subject is different (birth of the porn industry as opposed to the drug trade), The Deuce is also holistic in the sense that its narrative encompasses everybody on the spectrum.

14:10 (IST)21 Mar 2020
The Good Place: Netflix

This Good Place is about a woman, Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell), who finds herself in The Good Place in her afterlife. The Good Place is where good people go after they die. Oh, but it is only her who knows that she may not be so good after all. To remain in the place, which is a community of scores of people, she hides her true identity, which is that of a selfish, uncaring and rude loner. The show is cleverly written and, thankfully, does not have the dreaded laugh track. The humour is amazingly subtle, and the performances are really good.

13:51 (IST)21 Mar 2020
NOS4A2: Amazon Prime Video

NOS4A2 is a fresh take on the vampire genre of literature. Instead of drinking blood, the antagonist of the novel, the terrifying Charlie Manx, feeds off the the souls of children. He then puts them into a place that is supposed to be blissful and dreamlike, but is actually something you cannot escape from. The title is a variation on the archaic Hungarian-Romanian word, Nosferatu, meaning vampire, and also the registration ID written on Manx's licence plate. The series adapts Joe Hill's horror novel of the same name. Joe Hill is the pen name of Joseph Hillstrom King, Stephen King's elder son.

13:29 (IST)21 Mar 2020
The Platform: Netflix

The Platform is a Spanish satirical science fiction film by debutant director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. It takes aim at society's social inequality and other ills. The film holds an impressive 85 per cent rating at Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus reads, "While it may feel muddled at times, The Platform is an inventive and captivating dystopian thriller."


13:07 (IST)21 Mar 2020
Succession: Hotstar

Succession is the story of rich people but the makers are acutely aware that this show is being watched by regular people so to get a sense of this world we are introduced to Greg Hirsch (Nicholas Braun). Greg has grown up in a regular household but because he happens to be related to the Roys, he ends up in their inner circle, enjoying the high life. And while he’s amazed by the riches, he knows that he is a disposable outsider.

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Disney+, the streaming service, which was scheduled to rollout in India on March 29 has been officially delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak, given the IPL 2020 season has been postponed. This was confirmed by the company in a statement as Disney+ was supposed to go live along with the IPL 2020.

“We recently announced that Disney+ would launch in India through the Hotstar service in conjunction with beginning of the Indian Premier League cricket season. Given the delay of the season, we have made the decision to briefly pause the roll-out of Disney+ and will announce a new revised premiere date for the service soon,” Uday Shankar, President – The Walt Disney Company APAC and Chairman, Star & Disney India said in a statement.

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