Sorabh Pant: I will be making fun of everything and everyone in Make India Great Again

Sorabh Pant: I will be making fun of everything and everyone in Make India Great Again

In an exclusive chat with, Sorabh Pant talks about his latest Amazon Prime Original Make India Great Again, East India Comedy and the future of comedy in India.

Sorabh Pant, Make India Great Again
Make India Great Again is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

“Many people have told me that they weren’t my fans but changed their mind after watching my show. That’s the best compliment I could have received,” shared popular comedian Sorabh Pant talking about his latest Amazon Prime Original, Make India Great Again.

Giving an insight into the show, the comedian, in an exclusive chat with, shared, “Make India Great Again talks about everything about the country. While the topics might not be out of the box, the presentation is really different. India’s fascination with politics, religion, trends, trolls- everything will find a place. And trust me I will be making fun of possibly everything and everyone. It’s going to be a democracy of jokes in the series.”

Sharing how comedy happened to him, Sorabh said, “It completely happened by chance. I started as a writer for television and then started opening for Vir Das. That’s how it all started. I truly feel that comedy happened to me and now I happen to comedy.”

Talking about his journey and struggles, the comedy star said, “I really don’t like the word struggle. I think it’s a period of training and development, which you should be enjoying. As for my journey, I feel I have a lot to still achieve. Thankfully, my show Make India Great Again has been received well. I haven’t heard so many compliments ever for any other projects.”

Sorabh Pant, Make India Great Again


Sorabh was popular for his association with East India Comedy. When asked why he quit the team, Sorabh said, “Well, if I have to give a serious answer, I will say I quit because I have a voice of my own. And it resonated on all the originals that I did recently. But the real answer is I love money and I have kids to bring up. But honestly, I love working independently and enjoy creating my own content. EIC was a beautiful phase in my life. And I knew I could always rely on the troupe. But when you are making your own shows, you don’t have a safety net and you need to take responsibility about everything. We still remain great friends though.”

Comedians these days find themselves in trouble, mostly political. Giving his two cents on the same, the 36-year-old artist said, “What’s really strange is that politicians do not give a damn about the jokes, it’s their fans who get offended. I have done shows in front of politicians and they have heartily laughed at it. This is the reason I am making fun of everyone so that nobody blames me of having any agendas. If anyone has a problem with my jokes now, then it’s their worries not mine.”

Sharing his take on the rise of stand-up comedy, Sorabh Pant said, “I think you can survive only if you work hard. Now a days, you will only move ahead if your content is really strong. I am confident about my show for I know I have put in more efforts that ever before. To retain your audience, one has to push the bar. Also, I feel it’s really important that you create a niche for yourself. General comedy has very few takers in the current scenario.”

Lastly, predicting the future of comedy in India, the comedian said, “Digital is the future. This is the only medium where the consumption pattern is changing so fast. I think we are all heading towards there and we will see more and more amazing content soon. I think I am the only comedian, who is having the second round of a special and that feels special.”