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Monday, September 27, 2021

Sacred Games 2: Here’s everything that bothered us about the Netflix series this season

Sacred Games Season 2, which premiered on August 15, has received an overwhelming response from the viewers. However, despite the good stuff, there were a few issues with the new season of the Netflix original.

Written by Sampada Sharma | New Delhi |
Updated: August 21, 2019 4:37:24 pm
sacred games 2 Scared Games Season 2 is streaming on Netflix.

Sacred Games Season 2 premiered on Netflix on August 15 and within a week, the plot of the series has become a part of water-cooler conversation. The saga to save Mumbai that started last year has received largely positive reviews, but many have pointed out the loopholes in the script. The performances, much like last year, have gotten a lot of praise and with a cliffhanger end, seeds of Season 3 have been sown.

But despite the intriguing plot, there were a few elements across the episodes that felt quite jarring. In some places, they felt unnecessary and in a few places, they appeared inconsistent. Here’s looking at some elements from Sacred Games 2 that bothered us.


1. Sartaj and Shahid’s familial connection

In my opinion, the weakest reveal of the season came in the form of the familial connection shared by Saif Ali Khan and Ranvir Shorey’s characters. It was quite reminiscent of 1970s Bollywood movies when the tropes of ‘bicchde hue bhai’ were quite popular.

ranvir shorey sacred games Ranvir Shorey plays terrorist Shahid Khan in Sacred Games Season 2.

2. The RGV angle

The series has dedicated quite a lot of screen time to spoof Ram Gopal Varma’s gangster films as Gaitonde tries to get a biopic made on him with Ram G Varma, played by Vijay Maurya. These scenes gave a major tonal shift to the otherwise serious show and we got a sudden burst of comedy. Anurag Kashyap and RGV’s feud is famous so it is obvious why he would want to indulge in this, but this honestly did not fit the world of Sacred Games.

3. Dilbagh Singh’s death

We are shown that after Dilbagh Singh hesitates to sign off on the new world plan, Malcolm looks at him from afar with a syringe in his hand signalling that this was how Dilbagh Singh died. But we are still left with questions like ‘How did his family get the body?’, ‘What is the true cause of his death?’ and most importantly ‘How did they never realise that he was in Croatia?’.

sacred games netflix Saif Ali Khan with Kalki Koechlin in Scared Games Season 2.

4. Sartaj’s lost heroics

Sartaj spends the first few episodes in trying to stop the nuclear disaster but soon, he is convinced by Batya to join their movement. So as the other cops are racing against time in the last two days, Sartaj has taken on a passive role. His sudden urge to go back and save the city feels very inorganic and rushed.

5. What was Jojo up to?

Gaitonde finds out that he has been manipulated by everyone, including Jojo and he kills her. This gives the impression that Jojo was, in fact, another pawn in Guruji’s scheme but that’s not the case. It was at Jojo’s house that Sartaj found a room full of cash which was supposed to be the last payment for the nuclear bomb. If Jojo was really with Guruji’s people, she would have released the cash but that did not happen. Which makes us believe that Jojo lied to Gaitonde just so he could kill her and as we had learnt previously, Jojo wanted to die.

pankaj tripathi sacred games 2 Pankaj Tripathi’s Guruji is one of the key characters in this season of Sacred Games.

6. That’s how Guruji died?

Gaitonde is drugged and he suffocates Guruji with his ‘Kaal Granth’. Logically, it feels like killing someone with a book would be a near-impossible task. Gaitonde is sitting on top of Guruji and it’s not like Gaitonde has a strong build so he can suppress him with the body weight. To top it all, the object that he chooses to kill Guruji with seems poetically fitting but doesn’t seem reasonable at all.

7. Malcolm’s suicide

Malcolm single-handedly wreaked havoc in the first season of the show. He managed to kill various major characters, including Anjali Mathur and was also the key man in the weapon trade. After all that, Malcolm’s suicide appeared quite underwhelming. He hands over his duties to Sartaj and kills himself just a few days before the new world of Guruji is supposed to begin. For a character like Malcolm, who has been a mercenary throughout, this was hard to believe.

sacred games 2 Guruji’s Ashram in Croatia had a strong Wild Wild Country vibe.

8. The Wild Wild Country-esque nature of Guruji’s ashram

There is no denying that the Ashram in Croatia was quite similar to Rajneesh’s ashram as shown in the documentary Wild Wild Country. Even Kalki’s character is modelled on the lines of Maa Anand Sheela and this makes us question why the makers would choose this route? Wild Wild Country became an instant hit and has been seen by millions of viewers worldwide. Sacred Games makers had the opportunity to take another route as the Ashram has anyway not been explained in detail in the book. Due to these similarities, the scenes in the Ashram lost their shock value.

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