Ghoul actor Radhika Apte: I think our content has universal appeal

Ghoul actor Radhika Apte: I think our content has universal appeal

Radhika Apte on the universal appeal of Indian content and how with Netflix, the world gets to watch it. The actor has starred in Netflix's Lust Stories, Sacred Games and Ghoul.

radhika apte at ghoul screening
Ghoul actor Radhika Apte spoke about the reach of a platform like Netflix.

Radhika Apte has had three releases on Netflix in 2018 so far. With Lust Stories, Sacred Games and now Ghoul, Radhika’s presence on the web is being loved by the audience. Her characters in these three projects are starkly different and one can say that the Netflix platform certainly gave her the international exposure that she deserves.

In a chat with, Radhika Apte talked about the advantages that a platform like Netflix offers. She said, “It struck me when Lust Stories came out. I was traveling in three continents and people were watching it everywhere. So I was like this is so convenient for people.”

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Movie theaters require a certain commitment but with streaming platforms, the concept of appointment viewing is eliminated and Radhika believes that this really is working for the global audience. She said, “It’s not like you have to watch it right now or this week because otherwise, the film is going to go (out of the theaters). Or sorry, it’s never going to release in Poland so you can’t watch it. I realised that the reach is so good.”


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Radhika also spoke about the universal appeal of Indian content. She said, “I think we do make content which has universal appeal so it’s important that people around the world watch it. At least in the art world, the borders are sort of disappearing so I think this is a very organic next step.”

Ghoul is a three-episode series that will be available at the same time to over 125 million Netflix members in 190 countries. The series is produced in partnership with Phantom Films, Ivanhoe and Blumhouse.