Netflix axes Jessica Jones and The Punisher

Netflix axes Jessica Jones and The Punisher

Netflix has now officially bid adieu to Jessica Jones and The Punisher. The streaming service already cancelled Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil in 2018.

netflix cancels jessica jones and the punisher
Marvel’s Jessica Jones and The Punisher have officially been cancelled by Netflix.

After cancelling Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, Netflix has now also bid adieu to Jessica Jones and The Punisher. While The Punisher ran for two seasons, the upcoming third season of Jessica Jones will be the last one.

Jeph Loeb, Head of Marvel TV, shared this news with fans via an open letter. After the cancellation of these two shows, the shared universe of Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and The Punisher on Netflix, known as The Defenders, has come to an end.

The letter read, “Our Network partner may have decided they no longer want to continue telling the tales of these great characters… but you know Marvel better than that.” Luke Cage and Iron Fist were cancelled in October 2018 and even Daredevil was cancelled in December.

Jessica Jones actor Krysten Ritter took to Instagram to share her farewell note that read, “Taken a few weeks back at the table read for our SERIES FINALE. I love these people to the moon and back. It has been a dream to play Jessica alongside my amazing cast and the best crew in the business for these past 5 years. I am so grateful for every second of it. We have THE BEST fans. You guys mean the world to me and I appreciate you beyond words. The final season of #JessicaJones is coming later this year and I am proud of how we complete JJ’s journey. I can’t wait for you all to see it. Stay tuned and more to come. 💪”

It is well known that Disney is getting ready to launch its own streaming service, Disney+ and it looks like this decision has come in preparation for the same. Characters like Loki and Falcon from the Marvel Cinematic Universe are getting their own shows and Marvel is most likely to get all their characters under one roof eventually.