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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Money Heist season 5 part one ending explained: Of bullets, blasts and tears for a loved one

Money Heist season 5 part one ended with the death of a major character and a massive cliffhanger. Before its part two releases on Netflix on December 3, here's how its fifth episode ended.

Written by Mimansa Shekhar | New Delhi |
September 7, 2021 8:59:28 am
tokyo death money heist 5Spanish actor Ursula Corbero plays Tokyo in La Casa De Papel or Money Heist. (Photo: Instagram/lacasadepapel)

Money Heist season five part one ended on a cliffhanger. But aren’t we used to this Spanish drama leaving us hanging on an emotional note? Berlin’s death, Lisbon’s fake encounter, Nairobi getting killed and Alicia Sierra getting hold of The Professor, all of these followed the same pattern in the past, leaving fans counting days till the release of its next set of episodes.

Money Heist finale isn’t unfolding as one planned, at least not in terms of character graphs. While new faces have joined, promising to change the ongoing plot, what’s already happening has debuned all popular fan theories. Yes, we even saw another death, this time a daring one from the writers’ end.

If you’re still reeling from its repercussions, we take you a little deeper into what happened at the end of episode five of Money Heist’s finale season.


The new season began with a hostage ambush lead by Arturo, who went berserk in his attempt to kill Denver. As a result, Stockholm shot him, only to live with guilt for the remaining part of the season. She hallucinated about seeing Arturo’s ghost and got anxiety attacks. So much so, that she had to take  a morphine injection.

And as Stockholm lay unconscious, her gang fought the infiltrating army lead by Sagasta and his team of soldiers, including Gandia, who had blood in their eyes.

Sagasta blasts the terrace and lands inside the building, only to find the gang prepared with tear gas bombs and grenades. Thus begins the war. While Helsinki has almost lost his one leg, the team has got separated. An iron wall has locked Palermo, Lisbon, Bogota and Rio on one side of the museum, and Tokyo, Denver and Manila on the other side of the pantry. While Palermo’s side is trying to cut the wall, Tokyo’s side is fighting against Sagasta.

It wasn’t long enough when we got a sense that one of the three – Tokyo, Denver and Manila would get hit by continuous bullets raining from all corners, including the snipers outside the bank.

Tokyo gets incredible moments. She infuriates Gandia as per The Professor’s instructions to create a rift within the army. She even catches a grenade and throws it back at the attacking side, giving audience a moment worth applause. Tokyo’s sharp mind also comes into play when she shoots at the army men trying to drill through the wall to enter the pantry. In short, Tokyo was single-handedly defending her fort, with Denver and Manila mostly giving her a cover. Not long enough after that she gets shot.

money heist tokyo death Fans are calling Tokyo’s death as the most unexpected twist of Money Heist. (Photo: Screengrab/Netflix)

And just when the trio thought there wasn’t any escape, Stockholm regains consciousness and calls out to her fellow team members from a service lift shaft that they can escape from this side of the pantry. Tokyo is badly injured by now and unable to slide through the rope. She instructs Denver and Manila to escape and lay pillows and mattresses at the ground of the shaft and she’ll jump.

Somewhere inside, all of them and the audience know that Tokyo won’t make it. Denver bids her a tearful goodbye with heart wrenching words, “My dad died in a heist. I won’t let my sister die.” He still abides by Tokyo’s request and leaves with Manila.

Tokyo is like a bullet on the loose. All she wants is to kill whoever comes in her way, while providing a cover to her team as they escape. The Professor is hearing it all. She tells him, “You’ve been my guardian angel all my life. Now’s my turn to be yours.” Rio, who is drilling from the floor below, isn’t able to reach Tokyo. He just manages to see her face from the hole as his lady love makes him promise that he’ll live a life king size, even if without her.

More army bullets hit her as she falls. But just when Gandia comes near her with the final shot, he realises she’s taken off the keys of all the grenades she’s carrying. Before Gandia is able to escape, Tokyo winks at him and her gang members all across the bank hear the blast and hail Tokyo’s sacrifice. She took down Gandia and some more of Sagasta’s men, with her. The Professor is inconsolable at the stormwater tank.

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