Maaya 2 actor Leena Jumani: If you don’t understand same sex relationship, don’t call it names

Maaya 2 actor Leena Jumani: If you don’t understand same sex relationship, don’t call it names

Sounding excited about being a part of Maaya 2, Leena Jumani, in an exclusive chat with shared that as soon as she heard the script, she said a yes.

Maaya 2 actor Leena Jumani
Maaya 2 actor Leena Jumani talked about the taboo on same sex relationship.

Vikram Bhatt recently launched his web show Maaya 2, starring television actors Leena Jumani and Priyal Gor. Directed by his daughter Krishna, the show deals with the complexities of being in a same sex relationship. From the time the promos went on air, there has been quite a lot of buzz around this show. Sounding excited about being a part of Maaya 2, Leena, in an exclusive chat with shared, “I did not think too much about it and as soon as I heard the script, I said a yes. I am really happy that I am associated with this show and once viewers watch it, they would know why I am saying this.”

Talking about the taboo on same sex relationship, the actor quipped, “Whoever understands it has been sharing a positive feedback and people who don’t will definitely bash it. But I want to tell the world that you should try to fathom the emotions of others, as it’s an individual’s choice. And in case you can’t, at least don’t degrade or call them names, that’s really unfair.”

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There is a thin line between being sensuous and vulgar and Leena agreed it was a hard task. “Of course, it’s important that you don’t look cheap. Also I was very conscious as having played a vamp, I am used to enacting a bit over the top, but I couldn’t do it here. And then I couldn’t be too soft, as that would make me look submissive, which wouldn’t go with my role. So after every scene, I would ask the director, if I was good,” she shared with a smile.


As the conversation steered towards the infamous kiss, Leena shared, “I have known Priyal for a long time so we share a great bond. It was fun to shoot with her. And as for the kiss, we were laughing uncontrollably before it. Then we realised that this would only make us give retakes and so we finished it off soon. It was awkward indeed but we did it as thorough professionals.” She further added, “I think having a woman director in Krishna also eased out things a lot. She really made us comfortable and that truly helped. If it was anyone else, I think it would have gotten difficult for me.”


When asked about her family’s reaction, the 28-year-old actor shared, “They were quite happy for they understand my growth as an actor. Even my fiancé (Rahul Sachdeva) was fine with it. He did come on sets a couple of times but not on the day we shot the kiss scene. I wanted him to see it on screen not in real (laughs).”


Television actors keep on complaining about stagnancy taking away creativity. On her part, Leena, who rose to fame playing the evil vamp Tanu, in Kumkum Bhagya shared, “I am really happy with what I am doing but recently when the storyline changed and I did not have much to do, I was really upset. But now things are smoother with the show. But yes, as an actor, you always want to take up challenges to keep your acting juices flowing. I too want to experiment and broaden my horizon as a performer.”


Launched on May 30, Maaya 2 is streaming on Vikram Bhatt’s YouTube channel VB On The Web.