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Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Four More Shots Please actor Maanvi Gagroo: With an increase in quantity of web series, quality has dropped

Maanvi Gagroo belongs to a group of actors who hopped on the web series bandwagon quite early. She was a part of hit web series Pitchers and Tripling.

Written by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Updated: April 16, 2020 8:56:45 am
Maanvi Gagroo Four More Shots Please 2 Maanvi Gagroo will soon be seen in Four More Shots Please Season 2.

After garnering praise for playing Goggle Tripathi in Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan, Maanvi Gagroo will be back on screens with Amazon Prime Video’s Four More Shots Please Season Two. Season one saw her playing a girl who is constantly pushed by her mother to be skinny. However, the trailer of the second season shows Gagroo’s character has grown into a more confident woman who has no qualms about her body weight.

We recently got to chat with Gagroo about the upcoming season of Four More Shots Please. Here are excerpts from the conversation:

After the success of the first season of Four More Shots Please, what can we expect from season 2?

In season one, we introduced the audience to four characters, their friendship and gave a slight glimpse into their personal lives to establish where they are coming from. And in season two, we have gone deeper into all of these. It is now about their personal life and journey. We are also going deeper into the dynamic of the four girls within the group, and the conflicts have gotten bigger and more serious this time.

Your character Siddhi seems to have grown more confident in season two.

Siddhi, from season one to season two, will seem like a different person altogether. But she is still the same. It’s more of her reactions to things that have changed, and have become more drastic. She has been very lost in the true sense of the word, like she still doesn’t know what it is that she wants from life. However, she’s willing to try things out. She decides to open up to more things.

Are you like Siddhi in real life, or do you relate to any of the other characters more?

The first time I read the script before season one had started shooting, I related most to Damini. In fact, in the beginning, I had very little in common with Siddhi. And, this is why I said yes to the show in the first place. I thought it would be interesting to play a part which is not me at all. When I started playing it, I used to feel really disconnected. I could understand a lot of emotions intellectually, but I wasn’t feeling them. Like, when she goes on that adult website, I thought ‘ye kaun karta hai’. But if you strip it down to the basics, it is basically her putting herself out there because she’s getting validation that she has never received. And, this is what we generally do on social media. So, there are certain sets of commonality which I needed to dig into to play Siddhi.

maanvi gagroo four more shots Maanvi Gagroo in Four More Shots Please 2.

Any memorable moment from the shoot of Four More Shots Please 2?

We were constantly talking, laughing and cracking jokes. We all used to look forward to scenes of the four girls together. It was always more fun. There are many memorable moments. Like, I remember we were shooting in Udaipur, and we were in the pool. We obviously had hair and makeup on, so we couldn’t dip our heads into the water. But the minute they announced pack up, all of us jumped in and were just fooling around in the water. We were pulling people from the crew. It was also the last day of the shoot, so we were all extremely relaxed. When we came out, our makeup started running. We thought we were looking really hot, but all our makeup was all over the place, and people were laughing at us.

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Do you have a similar relationship with your gang of friends as you have with Damini, Umang and Anjana in the show?

I have a girls gang who are my closest friends. We have our WhatsApp group where we keep sharing things. And currently due to quarantine, we are talking way more than we used to otherwise. It’s great fun.

You were a part of India’s earliest web series, Pitchers. Since then, the web platform has grown a lot. How have things changed since then?

It’s great because some very good scripts are coming my way. Because the web is a new medium, the stories that are being told are contemporary. The characters are real. They talk like us and they dress like us. So, there’s a lot of relatability. Especially for our generation, say the age group of 18-35, which I feel was neglected for the longest time, now there is stuff for them to watch. There are so many platforms, and there’s a new show coming out practically every day. It’s hard to keep track. Right now, the quantity (of web shows being produced) is quite high. Earlier, there were fewer shows, but good shows, whether it was Permanent Roommates or Pitchers. These shows started a revolution in India content-wise. But that has changed now, and it is bound to as the minute the numbers increase, the quality drops.

Maanvi Gagroo in Tripling 2. Maanvi Gagroo in Tripling 2.

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Do you think because we are consuming a lot of stories online, this phase will lead to the discovery of newer talent?

That’s happening for sure. Up until now, people knew me more by my work. Then, the industry realised that there is a girl who can do so much more than just being a typical bubbly girl. With Tripling, there was popularity and fan following that came in. These are the two things that most actors want. They want credibility and appreciation from peers in the industry. With Pitchers and Tripling, I got these two. Also, right now everybody’s working. The volume of work has increased, not just for actors, but for writers, directors and technicians. It’s a great time to be in this field.

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