Maanvi Gagroo: Four More Shots Please is the story of every woman

Maanvi Gagroo: Four More Shots Please is the story of every woman

Maanvi Gagroo will be seen next in Amazon Prime Video original series Four More Shots Please. The 10-episode series celebrates friendship and womanhood.

maanvi gagroo four more shots please
Maanvi Gagroo’s Four More Shots Please will stream on Amazon Prime Video. (Photo: Maanvi Gagroo/Instagram)

After ruling the web space with Pitchers, Tripling and Tamashree, Maanvi Gagroo is back with Four More Shots Please. The 10-episode series, also starring Sayani Gupta, Kirti Kulhari and Bani J, celebrates friendship and womanhood. Gagroo recently sat down with to talk about her new project and working with an all-girls team.

For the actor, the series is more than just about a gang of girls having fun. She said, “It has a very fresh voice. While we have all heard about stories of friendship, this has a very urban narrative. A story like this needed to be told. It is very much our story. The conversation, issues and problems are very relatable to all of us. I think everyone watching the series will relate to either one girl or all of them in some way.”

The internet sensation further added, “You know what our biggest victory would be? When you would go ahead and call your friend after watching the series. And cherish the moments spent with them. Four More Shots Please is intended to touch hearts and rekindle friendships.”

Sharing what made her give the nod for the series, Maanvi Gagroo said, “Honestly, I wanted to be a part of it by hook or crook. The thought of working with so many women was so exciting. The names and faces it had, I was attracted to it from the word go. Also, what I really found very exciting is the character of Siddhi. As an actor, I haven’t played something like her. She is very vulnerable. And while she is externally and overtly subservient, internally she is really complex. When I heard about her, I really wanted to get into it.”


While Four More Shots Please is an all-women affair, her upcoming series Tripling 2 features two guys (Amol Parashar and Sumeet Vyas). When asked if there was any difference in the work style of the two, she said, “Oh yes, it was. But the difference didn’t come because of the gender. I am as comfortable with men as women. But both shows have a really different dynamic. I knew Amol and Sumeet from before, so we had a different vibe. As for these girls, I got to know them through the course of the shoot. And now we are friends and have a very irritating camaraderie (laughs). But it was amazing to have the love and support as we shot. We literally held each other’s hand and tread together in the journey.”

The trailer of Four More Shots Please encourages women to accept their imperfection. When we asked Maanvi what is that one flaw she has embraced, the actor said, “I don’t know if I have grown fine with it yet. But I am a very extreme person and really reactive. I am impulsive and immediately jumps into things. This is what I am trying to accept about myself. Also, I am a control freak and end up micromanaging everything. It not only adds to my overall worries but also makes the other person intimidated. And as a result, they mess it up more. I am learning to take it easy and allow things to happen without me getting into the bottom of things.”

Starting January 25, Four More Shots Please will stream on Amazon Prime Video.