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Kate McKinnon to star in Hulu series based on Elizabeth Holmes

Kate McKinnon will star in a Hulu series about disgraced businesswoman Elizabeth Holmes and her failed blood-testing company Theranos. She will be essaying Holmes in the Hulu series, which has been titled The Dropout.

Kate Mckinnon
Kate Mckinnon will star in the Hulu series, The Dropout.

Actor Kate McKinnon will star in a Hulu series about disgraced businesswoman Elizabeth Holmes and her failed blood-testing company Theranos.

The Saturday Night Live star will be essaying Holmes in the series, which has been titled The Dropout, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The show will detail the rise and fall of Holmes and her company which invented the Edison machine, a revolutionary diagnostic tool that promised to give patients a cheap way to test their blood for 200 diseases at their local drug store with just a finger-prick.

However, the machine did not work as Holmes claimed and her lies allowed her to reap a fortune from investors, and even appear on the front cover of Fortune magazine.


The show, based on the ABC Radio and ABC News’ investigative podcast, is backed by Fox Searchlight TV.

McKinnon will also executive produce the project alongside Rebecca Jarvis, the host of the podast. Taylor Dunn and Victoria Thompson will produce it.

Holmes and her company is also the subject of John Carreyrou’s book Bad Blood, which is being adapted by director Adam McKay into a feature film, starring Jennifer Lawrence, and the HBO documentary The Inventor, which premiered in March.