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Jim Sarbh on Bejoy Nambiar’s web series Flip: I enjoyed being the responder and not the provoker

After Amazon Prime Video's original series Made in Heaven, Jim Sarbh's Flip is currently streaming on Eros Now. He also has House Arrest and Rocket Boys in his kitty.

jim sarbh made in heaven and bejoy nambiar flip
Jim Sarbh says a particular portion of Flip required quite a transformation and a lot of restraint and specificity. (Source: Jim Sarbh/Instagram)

Jim Sarbh’s portrayal as Adil Khanna in Amazon Prime Video’s series Made in Heaven is receiving a lot of appreciation from the audience. He can now be seen playing an altogether different character in Bejoy Nambiar’s web series Flip. The actor who enjoyed “being the responder and not the provoker” in Flip spoke to indianexpress.com about the project. Here are excerpts from the conversation:

Q. Has the appreciation for the roles you play started to convert into good scripts?

Yes. I am reading lots of good stuff. Next month I will act in House Arrest, a Netflix Original directed by Shashank Ghose and written by Samit Basu. It is really funny and Shashank has a great vision for how my character is incorporated into the film.

I will also act in Yeh Ballet written and directed by Sooni Taraporevala. It is a lovely script about two boys who learn ballet under the guidance of an extremely irritable and eccentric mentor, Saul. Saul is an older Jewish man who had been teaching ballet in the United States. I do not play Saul, though.


I am also looking forward to a web series called Rocket Boys which follows the friendship of Homi Bhabha, played by myself, and Vikram Sarabhai.

Q. Over the years in Bollywood, what has been a challenge for you?

There have been many challenges, but that comes with the territory. The highs have been just as plentiful, so no complaints. Learning to adapt to a new form is an enjoyable experience and I am still hoping to hone my skills.

Q. You were also a part of Ritesh Batra directorial Photograph. Tell us something about it. How was it working with Sanya and Nawaz?

It is a teensy role which I agreed to do mostly to get to work with Ritesh. He and I have something planned in the pipeline. So, it was a nice introduction to how we might work together.

I didn’t really have much time with Nawaz. I wish I did. I think he is a great actor. It was lovely to work with Sanya. She is a cool lady, and very open to sudden changes. She responds truly and subtly.

Q. Your web series Flip is out. How was the experience of working on the Bejoy Nambiar project?

It was quite challenging. It was great to work on this particular script with Bejoy. But after you watch it, you will see that a particular portion of the film required quite a transformation and a lot of restraint and specificity. The schedule was also an intense 4-day shoot. Flip is an anthology of four short films and I am in the one called Massage along with Sandeepa Dhar and Viraj Patel. I enjoyed being the responder and not the provoker in this new role. I watched Viraf do the part that I would usually be cast in, with a lot of enjoyment. I was taken along on his extremely energetic ride which I truly enjoyed.

Q. How different is your character in Flip?

My character Keki has a similar experience to the lady Sarah Scantlin from the Netflix documentary – The Real Sleeping Beauty.

Keki is a doe-eyed Parsi on the verge of a marriage and a promotion, and his life is flipped upside down.

Q. How did you prep for it?

I watched The Real Sleeping Beauty and Michael Hanneke’s beautiful film Amour to try to understand the way my character might speak and move.

We had to take some artistic liberties with the extent of his movement and audibility to be able to make sure the story and the lines are clear.

Q. How different is Bejoy’s vision as a filmmaker in comparison to other directors you have worked with?

They are all different. Each one has their own interests, styles and filmmaking technique. Since he wrote this film as well, if I could not understand the flow of a line or if he thought the script needed any tweaks, he would do it on the spot and we would integrate it into the scene.


Jim Sarbh walked the ramp for Siddhartha Tytler at the recently held Lotus India Fashion Week 2019.