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Friday, April 10, 2020

Jessica Jones Season 2 first impression: A cool mid-season twist and a compelling new character make up for the sad start

Netflix's acclaimed series Jessica Jones has returned, and she is angrier and more lost than before. Melissa Anne Rosenberg's show starts slow, but more than makes up for it with a great new character and some interesting reveals.

Written by Anvita Singh | New Delhi | Published: March 9, 2018 10:57:27 am
jessica jones season 2 The new season of Jessica Jones starts out slow, but picks up the pace a couple of episodes later.

Netflix’s critically-acclaimed series Jessica Jones made a comeback yesterday, and how. Created by Emmy-nominated American screenwriter Melissa Anne Rosenberg, the show’s first couple of episodes makes you think, ‘No, this is not what I had in mind’, but things take a turn for the better with the fourth episode, God Help the Hobo.

This season’s Jessica is angrier, more vulnerable, yet somehow sure of herself. Killing Kilgrave has left her with more questions than answers, however, she has managed to make peace with her existence. But with the wonderful David Tennant’s Kilgrave gone, the pilot struggles on its feet to find the heroine a worthy villain. A bad guy/girl that will fill the gaping hole left by the Purple Man.

Therefore, it is really no surprise that the initial episodes are slow and a little rough around the edges. But the Marvel series has succeeded in finding itself at least an intriguing grey character. A new character, introduced as a potential bad girl. She is stronger than Jessica, older, and kills brutally. Jessica can relate to her, because this woman is the way she is thanks to similar horrifying experiments that were performed on our rebel with a cause.

The actual reveal of the new killer on the loose takes you by surprise, and any series that manages to evoke the said emotion in you is well worth your time.

There are a few scenes and dialogues that especially stand out. In an episode that is dedicated to Jessica’s past, her moments with what may well be her first serious boyfriend, a former bartender named Stirling, are sweet and tender, like first love is supposed to be. Until he’s allowed to ‘let go’ (and that’s putting it mildly).

The episode titled I Want Your Cray Cray is well-written, tying the past with the present neatly. And it also drops a bomb on Jessica’s iconic black leather jacket and on the name of her agency, Alias.

jessica jones still

A dialogue that really spells out how different is Jessica Jones from her contemporaries is uttered by a character called Whizzer, “With great power, comes great mental illness”. We already know that our super lady has been fighting her own set of demons for the past season, and if anything, they have managed to keep pace with her in the new season as well. The line reinforces the belief already espoused by the show in the first season, no one is perfect, not even the superheroes. Fighting off dangers on a daily basis will not only take your blood and sweat, but your peace of mind as well. Our heroine knows this, and is all the better for it.

Then there is that one scene with Jessica in the anger management class, where she explodes while venting her frustration. It is a powerful scene, which could have been dramatic, but is done justice to, because Krysten Ritter is so damn good at her job.

Eight episodes in, five more to go. Now that the beginning has been messed up, a great conclusion to Season 2 lies in the wait. At least that’s what the hope is.

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