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Indian Matchmaking’s Pradhyuman Maloo got married to Ashima Chauhan with no help from Sima Taparia. Check out their love story

Indian Matchmaking's Pradhyuman Maloo -- who became meme fodder after saying he 'rejected 150 girls' -- is now married to Ashima Chauhan and his wedding is beautifully captured in the second season of the show.

indian matchmaking pradhyumanIndian Matchmaking's Pradhyuman Maloo is now married to Ashima Chauhan. (Photo: Pradhyuman Maloo/Instagram)

When Indian Matchmaking dropped its first season in 2020, Sima Taparia’s client Pradhyuman Maloo and the 150 women that he had apparently ‘rejected’ became meme fodder for millions around the globe who were housebound. Now, in 2022, Indian Matchmaking is back and so is Pradhyuman. The entrepreneur has now found a partner in Ashima Chauhan.

The second season of the show features Pradhyuman and Ashima in their courtship phase, and we are front-row spectators as Pradhyuman pops the question, and their grand wedding in Rajasthan. Taking a look at their Instagram handles suggests that Ashima and Pradhyuman have been together since 2020. The couple shared identical posts in August 2021, without tagging the other as they celebrated their first anniversary.

They shared in the caption, “May you always be the one who notices the little ways light pours through, reminding me within the chaos there’s more to life and more to you. A year and many more to go ❤️ #12-07-2020/21.”

In a chat with Vogue, Pradhyuman revealed that he met Ashima at a party, and not through matchmaker Sima Taparia. He told the publication, “Indian Matchmaking made me radically push my boundaries to understand the partner I wanted, it has given me the courage to put myself out of my comfort zone and clarify what I want in a marriage.”

Ashima shared another post in October 2021 where she posed with her then-boyfriend. The caption to this one read, “What’s wrong in giving your all to someone who would do the same for you? What’s wrong with missing you the second you leave? What’s wrong with not ever wanting to lose you? I may sound crazy, but that’s okay. I am crazy in love with a person who is there for me anytime, anywhere and makes me feel alive…”
❤️ #ampm”

On the same day, Pradhyuman also shared a photo with Ashima. Here, he thanked Ashima for “making so many moments worth living for.” The love-filled photo’s caption read, “People say life happen when we are not expecting. Our life is a sum total of the moments we have experienced. Moments that embark our existence. In this journey we find people who make these moments beautiful. Thank you @asheemachauhaan for making so many moments worth living for. This is a pictorial memory of our perfect date under the sky with some amazing singing, dancing, food and plenty of love. Looking forward eagerly to spending many more dates with you ❤️”.

Pradhyuman shared this photo with Ashima. (Photo: Pradhyuman Maloo/Instagram) The couple got married in December 2021. (Photo: Ashima Chauhan/Instagram)

The next update on Pradhyuman’s social media comes in December and here, he shared that he was married to Ashima. It was a post from his restaurant’s opening and also his first time being addressed as Mr and Mrs Maloo. “Another First was being addressed as Mr and Mrs Maloo with @asheemachauhaan at Ekaa. It was a moment when our eyes met each other and we smiled 🥰,” read a part of his caption.

Since January 2022, both Ashima and Pradhyuman have shared many photos with each other. A few photos posted by Ashima suggest that they went for a vacation to the Maldives as well. “Life is better with a best friend Hence, I married mine 😜❤️,” read one of her captions.


The second season of Indian Matchmaking ends with Pradhyuman and Ashima narrating their experiences as a newly married couple. Sima Taparia was also a guest at their grand wedding in Udaipur.

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For those wondering how their relationship is evolving, their social media handles suggest that the couple is enjoying their life as newly weds.

First published on: 12-08-2022 at 11:23:39 am
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