Five TV shows you should watch if you liked Altered Carbon

If you are one of those who liked Altered Carbon, or at least the concept of the show, and are left wanting more, here are five such shows like Outlander and Black Mirror that would make you happy.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: February 9, 2018 4:40:45 pm
altered carbon alternatives Altered Carbon is streaming on Netflix.

Altered Carbon is the Netflix show of the month. The sci-fi TV series is based on the book of the same name by Richard Morgan and has received decent reviews from critics. Fans, though, seem to adore it as Rotten Tomatoes’ audience score (92%) indicates. This might be another chapter in the critics-audiences divide, but let us not get into that. If you are one of those who liked the show, or at least the concept of the show, and are left wanting more, here are five such shows that would make you happy. There is no order and every TV show mentioned is available on Netflix.

Outlander: Bear with me here. While Outlander’s setting is vastly different from Altered Carbon, both shows have a similar feel to them as in they take the viewers into a setting they are not used to, where morals are much more flexible (no human rights activists here) and the protagonist finds himself or herself in an unfriendly world surrounded by immoral people, with few people they can call friends.

Rick and Morty: Altered Carbon’s world introduces a lot of jargon exclusive to the book and the show Rick and Morty, with a different tone and character work, confounds the viewer by including a bunch of science fiction mainstays like aliens and inter-galactic travel. It must be said that Altered Carbon’s protagonist is much more relatable, though.

Black Mirror: If there is one show that definitively underlines the danger too much reliance on technology presents, it is Black Mirror. Altered Carbon has rich residents who have won over death with their stacks and downloadable consciousness and its ramifications, and if you wanted you could make a condensed Altered Carbon-based Black Mirror.

The Expanse: Like Altered Carbon, The Expanse is also set in a well-built futuristic world. The humanity has colonised the entire solar system and like Altered Carbon, it is visually stunning.

Star Trek: Discovery: This TV series is set before the events of the original Star Trek series and in the true Star Trek tradition, it is an immersive interstellar adventure with plenty of action (the series’ plot is based on Federation – Klingon war).

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