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Saturday, August 08, 2020

PLAYLIST: Watch FilterCopy’s episodes

Here are all the videos which have been released by FilterCopy on its YouTube channel this year.

Written by Mimansa Shekhar | New Delhi | Updated: May 5, 2020 1:59:55 pm
filtercopy videos FilterCopy videos are available on YouTube.

FilterCopy is known for its short videos and web shows. It has over the years gained popularity by catering to the youth and exploring millennial topics. The digital channel currently has 6.83 million subscribers, which is only increasing every day.

Here are all the videos posted by FilterCopy on YouTube this year:

1. Struggles Of People With Braces

From seeing your dentist every second day to getting teased for being the bottle opener of the group, all the hardships you face if you wear braces is shown perfectly in this video.

2. Neighborhood Romance

Ever had a crush on the guy or girl in the neighbourhood? If yes, then this video is for you. Starring Ritvik Sahore and Revathi Pillai, it showcases instances we all might have experienced while growing up.

3. Darpok Dost

This one explores how it is to have a friend who is vulnerable and scared of everything in life. It stars Shreya Chakraborty, Raunak Ramteke and Vineeth Srinivasan.

4. School: Then V/S Now

The difference between a school kid in the 90s and a school kid now is the premise of this FilterCopy video.

5. Is Being A Woman That Easy?

As a Women’s Day special, FilterCopy explored everyday challenges a girl faces at her workplace or in her friends’ circle. From things she can discuss to stuff nobody might believe she went through. The episode talks about being a victim of sexual predators too and ends on the note – “Let’s believe women”.

6. Office Wali Friendship

Lucky are those who find thick friends in their colleagues. Revolving around three work friends who have each other’s back and are no less than a family, the audience will surely relate to this video. Actors Ambrish Verma, Kriti Vij and Sayandeep Sengupta have done a great job here.

7. Struggles Of MBBS Students

It isn’t easy to become a doctor. From anatomy classes to dealing with patients, MBBS students have to prepare themselves for a lot. And of course, they cannot afford late-night parties, and they hate to eat chicken wings. They’d order anything vegetarian! This fun episode stars actors Ayush Mehra, Anshul Chauhan and Sarah Hashmi.

8. Bachpan Ke Woh Din

From audio cassettes, dial-up internet, stick-on tattoos to geometry box, this video is a perfect dose of nostalgia for the 1990s generation, when friendships were innocent and most of the time was spent on a cricket field rather than mobile phones.

9. When You Date An Aquarius

Starring Viraj Ghelani and Juhi Bhatt, it explores the basic traits of a person with the Aquarius star sign.

10. When You Are An Only Child

Everything that the only child goes through is depicted in this video. From wishing for siblings to protect you to having the entire bed for yourself, it shows both perks and the vacuum you’ll experience if you are the only one.

11. If Heart Were A Person

In the fight between heart and brain, the heart tends to win more often. It is emotional, impulsive and brings out your crazy side. A person’s relationship with his/her heart is explored in this video. Here, Ahsaas Channa plays the physical manifestation of the heart while Shreya Gupto is the protagonist who often gets carried away by what her heart says.

12. If Office Were Like A Jungle

Reminding you of The Lion King, complete with its theme music and even dialogues, this innovative video shows an office as a forest and its employees with body language and speech resembling animals. It stars actors Raunak Ramteke and Anant Kaushik as the main leads.

13. When Your Dad Is Your Best Friend

From doing boy talk and sharing a beer, to saving you from your mother’s scolding and sending you precious gifts, this adorable video depicts how life is when you are too close to your father.

14. When You’re Single And Savage AF

As a Valentine’s Day Special, FilterCopy gave its viewers reasons to be happy if you are single. Actor Apoorva Arora is seen giving savage replies every time someone tries to tell her how incomplete her life is without a partner.

15. When Your Boyfriend Puts You In Awkward Situations

You might have a funny, caring boyfriend but at times he can leave you embarrassed in front of your parents, friends and even boss. This video picks several real-life situations with Ayush Mehra and Barkha Singh playing a live-in-couple, where Barkha has to bear with Ayush’s cute little slips of the tongue.

16. Perfect Couple VS Us

While Viraj Ghelani and Vidushi Gaur play the perfect couple, Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan play a more real couple who fight, tease and yet keep the love intact. This video is a collaboration of FilterCopy with Love Aaj Kal.

17. When You Break Up With Your Job

We really don’t know what to make of this video featuring Arnav Bhasin and Juhi Bhatt.

18. When Your Cousin Is Your Best Friend

It’s a different ball game when all you need is your cousin to make life happy and easy. There are things which only they can understand, from family dynamics to your personal secrets. Heer Kaur and Chelsha Gosai play cousin sisters to the T, and their chemistry is the high point of this video.

19. Can A Girl And A Guy Just Be Friends?

The famous Bollywood line has been turned into this video, just that it shows you both sides of the coin. While actors Arnav Bhasin and Gunit Cour play best friends who eventually fall in love, a voice-over keeps reminding us that they are only “just friends forever.” The video leaves it to the audience to decide whether a girl and a guy can just be friends.

20. When Your Girlfriend Is Annoying But Cute

Anud Singh Dhaka and Sunakshi Grover play a couple in this video whose title is self-explanatory.

21. When Your Partner Is Your Exact Opposite

FilterCopy explores the dynamics of a couple who are opposites.

22. Struggles Only MBA Graduates Will Understand

This funny video showcases all the stereotypes surrounding a management trainee.

23. Exam Ka Pressure

Things that we all have faced while growing up and preparing for examinations is aptly portrayed in this episode. From family expectations and how people around you only talk about ranks, to your friends scaring you with their intelligence and your own insecurities, this one makes for a relatable watch.

24. Signs Your Friend Is Turning Into Your Father

You will never miss your father when you have a friend who is a disciplinarian, will avoid late-night parties, drink all by himself while listening to old Hindi music and at the end of the day, blame the system for every issue. Actor Arnav Bhasin as the fatherly friend is the highlight of this video.

25. If Phones Were Bananas

What will happen if you replace your mobile phone with a banana? From playing games on a banana to making calls with it, all of it has been depicted in a funny manner here. This video has actor Shyam Renganathan playing a guy who goes bananas every time he spots a phone!

26. Signs That She Is The One

This video showcases the love and emotions of a lesbian couple who understand each other inside out and also struggle for social acceptance. While their house help calls them “friends like sisters”, they go out of their way to make the other one happy. Actors Alisha Chopra and Lauren Robinson play the couple.

27. When You Date A Capricorn

Does it take a lot to adjust if your partner is a Capricorn? This video has actor Parikshit Joshi playing one, while his girlfriend Shagun Kazania is seen struggling to adjust to his ways and lifestyle. Or is she really struggling? The fun video shows various aspects of a Capricorn personality which you’ll agree to if you belong to the zodiac as well.

28. One Sided Love Story

From stealing little glances to taking care of every need of your beloved, this video reminds us what goes inside our heart and mind if you are in a one-sided relationship. Aditya Pandey plays a love-struck guy who is desperate to express, yet is unable to confess his feelings towards Alisha Chopra, something we all might have gone through while growing up.

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29. A Story About Depression

A person fighting depression might come across as a smiling, normal human, but the tussle he/she fights within themselves every day cannot be guessed. This video deals with the issue in a serious and delicate manner, encouraging the depressed to speak up.

30. Perks Of Being Short

From being the huggable teddy-bear of the group to occupying the front spot in a family picture, all the perks a short person enjoys have been dealt with in this video in a sweet manner. How they can easily shop in the kids’ section, the way their puppy face can melt any heart and why hiding inside wardrobes isn’t a challenge for them makes this episode relatable.

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