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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 11: Kang Tae-oh’s Lee Jun-ho raises the bar sky-high for other K-drama leads with back-hug cushion scene, say emotional fans

In the latest episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, fans were left rather emotional after Kang Tae-oh's character comforts Woo, during a meltdown.

Extraordinary Attorney WooExtraordinary Attorney Woo is streaming on Netflix

Extraordinary Attorney Woo delivered another impactful episode, packed with thrilling legalities and of course the romance between the ‘whale couple’ as fans love to term them. Park Eun-bin’s Woo Young-woo, who is on the autistic spectrum, is falling deeply for Kang Tae-oh’s sincere and earnest Lee Jun-ho. In the latest episode, Woo Young-woo had to save a woman from being swindled by her cheating husband, a fact that she realised only later.

However, the episode took a gut-wrenching turn when the husband suddenly died in a car accident in front of them, leading to Woo Young-woo having a sensory overload and triggering a meltdown. In one of the most heart-rending moments of K-drama history, Lee Jun-ho comforts her with a tight hug, till she calms down. Later in the episode, Woo Young-woo nervous explains the concept of a ‘back hug cushion’ that calms anxiety, and Lee Jun-ho says she doesn’t need one, and that he will be her hug cushion instead.

Needless to say, this left fans in an emotional disarray. One fan wrote, “This was more than just a reassuring hug. It’s about Lee Junho embracing every aspect of Woo Young Woo. That’s why he is the greenest green flag ever.” “The fact that Jun Ho immediately knew what to do here  I am so moved by this scene.. It was just.. heartwarming. Who’s cutting onions again,” another wrote.  One added, “I have no words for Park Eun Bin’s best actress worthy performance in this scene, IM SPEECHLESS.”

The love story has been rather unusual, and hasn’t fallen into other K-drama tropes. The male lead isn’t aloof, cold or an arrogant CEO of a company, and neither did the leads have a previous traumatic childhood connection, or were enemies, best friends prior to the show—a rarity for a K-drama romance.  In fact, in the next episode, Lee Jun-ho is even standing with Woo wearing a dolphin hat (because she’s quite the big fish enthusiast).  Many said that Lee Jun-ho has raised the bar astronomically high, and it remains to be seen what the next few episodes hold.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo is emerging as one of the highest-rated shows owing to its sensitive treatment of autism and its intriguing episodic format of handling gripping legal cases. The show chronicles the life of Woo Young-woo a young attorney, her unusual manner of handling cases, while battling subtle discrimination on a daily basis.

First published on: 04-08-2022 at 06:27:29 pm
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