Broken But Beautiful actor Vikrant Massey: Ekta has a magic wand to crack successful love stories

Broken But Beautiful actor Vikrant Massey: Ekta has a magic wand to crack successful love stories

In an exclusive chat with Broken But Beautiful actor Vikrant Massey opens up about heartbreaks, working in the digital medium and how Ekta Kapoor was adamant about casting him for Broken.

vikrant massey in broken but beautiful
Vikrant Massey, who was recently seen in Mirzapur, plays the character of Veer in Broken But Beautiful.

Trust Vikrant Massey to surprise the audience with every new project. After playing a rustic character in Mirzapur, his latest release Broken But Beautiful sees him in a romantic role. The Ekta Kapoor web show also stars Harleen Sethi. The 11-episode series deals with the pain of lost love and finding love again. In an exclusive chat with Vikrant opens up about heartbreaks, working in the digital medium and how Ekta was adamant about casting him in Broken.

Expressing his thoughts about the web show, Vikrant said, “Broken is a story of two broken people coming together. I think every one of us can associate with it as we all have faced a heartbreak sometime in our life. These two people are stuck in time and their respective lost love. They somehow don’t want to move on as they are too used to the pain. And then how destiny gets them together and they find solace in each other is what the series is all about.”

When asked to share his personal instances of a heartbreak, he said, “We all have had our fair share of experiences. Sometimes you are heartbroken and sometimes you don’t treat others well. I think it’s a generic occurrence with all of us. Everyone has such experiences. I also had my share of ups and downs and broken moments.”

broken but beautiful photos
Ekta Kapoor’s web show Broken But Beautiful stars Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi.

Opening up about his shooting experience with Harleen and the team, the actor said, “We did spend a lot of time together. I have been telling everyone about how a wonderful co-actor Harleen has been. She is a very sincere actor and it’s always good to be collaborating with such people. It automatically improves your performance also. As for Ekta, I think she has this magic wand or some formula to crack love stories. She has been consistently producing successful shows. For me, it was my first love story and I had a fantastic time. The entire ensemble was very supportive and everything just fell in the right place.”


Vikrant has had two big digital releases this month – Mirzapur and Broken. He shared that he is enjoying experimenting with content, “There’s another web show Criminal Justice on the way. I think it’s also a trial and error phase for me as there’s too much being made. But yes, it does give me a chance to work on my characters. While yes, there’s a creative liberty with no censorship involved, it only makes you more responsible. We are treading on a very thin line and we need to be aware that we don’t stretch overboard; be it using cuss words, nudity or physical intimacy. I am fortunate that I collaborated with like-minded responsible people.”

The 31-year-old has been, time and again, lauded for his choice of powerful roles in films like A Death In The Gunj and Lipstick Under My Burkha. Ask him if he is conscious of his choice or is just lucky to be offered these characters, and Vikrant smiled to say, “I think it’s a mix of both. Like every actor, I am always on the lookout for interesting characters. And then there are few makers who see me as this serious actor. So it’s an amalgamation of many factors. I also feel fortunate that makers are now writing for me. That’s an achievement in itself.”

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Further sharing how Ekta wanted Vikrant in Broken, the actor said, “I have worked with her in many other projects and sometime back, she told me that she has something interesting for me. Coming from Ekta, who’s been in the industry for a long time and somehow has a success secret, it really felt good. Unfortunately, I was busy with another project but she was willing to wait. While it was kind of her, I knew it’s a responsibility for me to now perform to her expectations. If someone can put that faith in you as an actor, it’s really a great thing.”

Also starring Jitin Gulati and Simran Kaur Mundi, Broken But Beautiful is streaming on ALTBalaji.