Best web series of 2018 so far: Wild Wild Country, Safe, The Looming Tower and more

Best web series of 2018 so far: Wild Wild Country, Safe, The Looming Tower and more

Halfway through 2018, let's look at the best web series that we have seen so far.

best web series 2018
The Looming Tower, Wild Wild Country and other web series that have impressed us in 2018 so far.

We are halfway through 2018 and with platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix streaming some of the best content that exists, the audience has a show for every season. This year, many of our favourites returned with a new season but it is always the new shows that ignite the interest of the viewers and stand as a challenge for the platform. Here are five of the best web series that we have seen in 2018 so far.

1. Wild Wild Country

This documentary series by Way Brothers showed us a side of Rajneesh followers that most of us weren’t aware of. A binge-worthy series, this explores the making of a utopian city by Rajneesh’s followers in the early 1980s in Oregon, US. His second-in-command Ma Anand Sheela was the driver of this operation that led to the largest wire tapping scandal and the largest bio terror attack until then in the US. Rajneesh was later arrested by the FBI for the largest immigration fraud until then.

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2. The Looming Tower

This 10 episode series traces the rivalry between FBI and CIA that could have caused the rise of Al Qaeda. The show’s timeline starts before 9/11 happened and the audience is given a fictionalised account of the details that gave the government sufficient information to stop the attack.

3. Safe

This show, starring Michael C Hall of Dexter fame, is an edge of the seat thriller. A teenage girl goes missing after a party and her father, played by Hall, goes on to solve the case. In the process of finding his daughter, he discovers secrets that make the plot even more interesting.

4. On My Block

A lot of high school dramas follow the same ‘Mean Girls’ route and while on first glance On My Block does remind one of the same formulaic storytelling, it evolves as the story progresses. Set in a high school, On My Block’s appeal is in its realistic portrayal that does not seem over the top. Even the relationship dynamics of the characters don’t look unbelievable.

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5. The Staircase

After the death of Michael Peterson’s wife, he is subjected to a long trial where he claims that she fell down the stairs but the police believe otherwise. This Netflix docuseries shows footage from the events that followed. The investigation, the court and the personal interviews make you question if Michael actually killed his wife or was it an accident. The docu-series is worth binge watching.


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(This list is not in order of preference.)