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Rajeev Siddhartha: Bekaaboo is much more than the intimate scenes

Rajeev Siddhartha on ALTBalaji's Bekaaboo, his career and future assignments.

Bekaaboo actor Rajeev Siddhartha
Apart from Rajeev Siddhartha, ALTBalaji web series Bekaboo also stars Priya Banerjee and Madhu Sena in the lead roles.

Rajeev Siddhartha has been acing all his roles in the digital space. His powerful performances in Romil and Jugal, Kaushiki and Four More Shots Please garnered him recognition. Recently, the actor starred in ALTBalaji’s Bekaaboo, an adaptation of Novoneel Chakraborty’s Black Suits You. The erotic thriller also stars Priya Banerjee and Madhu Sena in the lead roles.

Rajeev recently spoke exclusively to indianexpress.com about the show, his career and future assignments.

Excerpts from the conversation:

How has been the feedback to Bekaaboo?

When we were working on the show, we knew we were onto something special. The energies of the creative people involved were just something else. And I am so happy about the response. It has been great and people just loved the show. Even friends from school and college who were not in touch got back sharing how much they enjoyed Bekaaboo.

But from the trailer, it looked like too bold a series to watch.


I really don’t think so. See, it’s the story of an erotica writer and it had to have that angle. It’s wrong to judge a show by just its trailer. People have been amazed by the twists and turns in the show and haven’t really talked about the bold content. Bekaaboo has a very powerful storyline and trust me, it will shock you. It’s much more than the intimate scenes. Even though I read the scripts many times and did the dubbing, every time I watch it, I am at the edge of my seat. And I am so proud that we managed to do that with the audience.

Did you also read the book as part of your preparation?

No, my director told me not to read it as he wanted me to play it as per my understanding. Also, the script was good enough homework for me. It was thorough, detailed and written beautifully.

How did you and Priya break the ice before performing the intimate scenes?

I really believe when you are attempting something like that, there has to be a lot of comfort. Also, there should be trust so that there is no awkwardness. Priya and I hit it off instantly and during the workshops, we struck a great bond. We were buddies by the time we began the shoot, so it was all done smoothly

Romil and Jugal, Kaushiki and now Bekaaboo, you are shining with every project. Is it a conscious decision on your part to choose different characters?

I am really grateful for all the roles that I got to do. There was even Four More Shots Please, a small role but a good one. As an actor, what more can you ask for? I got to push the envelope with each role. I love playing characters that are complex and with multiple layers. I just feel lucky that I got such good scripts. Also, I have been blessed with good directors. The web space has definitely given a boost to me and of course, God has been kind.

How are you enjoying the new found fandom?

Well, it really feels wonderful. We work for the audience. And honestly, I am a little reserved but my friends forced me to join Instagram. And I am glad that I did for I could never know there was so much love for me. Also, the beauty of social media is that people across the globe can connect with you.

What’s next?

I can’t disclose the name but there are two projects I am working on. One is for an online platform with a great star cast and excellent story. The other is a big film with a very interesting concept and character. Really looking forward to it.