Love Per Square Foot actor Angira Dhar: Excited to be a part of a revolution in Bollywood

Love Per Square Foot actor Angira Dhar: Excited to be a part of a revolution in Bollywood

Actor Angira Dhar, who rose to fame with Y-Films popular web series Bang Baja Baraat, made her feature film debut with Love Per Square Foot. The Netflix film released on February 14.

angira dhar in love per square foot
Love Per Square Foot stars Angira Dhar and Vicky Kaushal.

Bang Baaja Baaraat actor Angira Dhar is excited about her debut feature film Love Per Square Foot which started streaming from February 14 on Netflix. The actor plays the character of a strong-headed, modern girl Kareena D’souza whose sole aim of life is to have a house of her own in the city of dreams, Mumbai. In the attempt to achieve her dream, Angira’s character ends up making decisions that take her life on a roller coaster ride. In this ride, she is accompanied by the very handsome Vicky Kaushal.

In a conversation with, Angira spoke about how the film was supposed to be at the theaters when she signed it but eventually, the makers decided it to be featured on Netflix, “When we made this film initially, it was not meant for Netflix. It was supposed to be a theatrical film, it was supposed to be on big screens. It (web channel) is a new culture, a new wave in the entertainment industry, especially in a place like India where Bollywood is such a strong medium to reach out to people. When we were told about it, I was extremely excited. Imagine, we will reach 190 countries. I will be watched by people from corners of the globe. I am over the moon as we are part of a revolution in Bollywood.”

She believes by being in this project, she would be representing Bollywood, every girl of the country on a global platform, “We are living in such a fast-paced world, going to theater takes 4-5 hours. So, if entertainment can be provided in their own convenient place, it is great. I love the romance of theater but a film like this can reach a large audience at the same point on the different devices, it is a big thing. It is a complete Bollywood commercial film. We will be representing the youth of this country and our film industry across the world. I will represent you and everyone who relates to this project.”

While the film reach excites Angira, she also spoke about her being a movie-goer and the dream to see herself on the silver screen, “When I said yes to the project, it was solely because of the writing. It is so well written. Also, Anand. We have worked before in web-series Bang Baaja Baraat. We are friends. While this film releases on Netflix, I want to see myself on the big screens.”

Talking about the film, Angira states how she is similar to the character she portrays, “Kareena D Souza and Angira Dhar are similar in terms of their mind-sets, morale and to an extent, how they feel about love. But they are very different in personality. I am as strong headed as Kareena but had to work really hard to get the same kind of warmth and coolness in the character. I had to create it from scratch. I did not have a role model to look-up to. I would sit with my director and wrote the back story about the character.”

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“She is a quintessential modern woman whose biggest fear is to be dependent. She is raised by a single mother, played by Ratna Pathak, who lives in her uncle’s house. Hence, Kareena, while growing up, had no place to call her own that is why her dream has always been to grow up and have a place of her own in the city. In an attempt to achieve her dream, she takes wrong calls in life. So, her journey in the film is about how she deals with the mess she has created,” she continued.

However, Kareena is someone who is okay to be in a relationship of convenience. She is ready to get married in order to have a place of her own. But does Angira too have a similar thinking? “I believe at some point or another, all of us become practical about our lives, our relationship. Nowadays, we talk on the phone, meet on Skype, so we all are bonding over a relationship of convenience. In the film, you will see how Kareena tackles the situation.”

“I feel any kind of relationship, whether it is live-in or oriented differently, I feel people should be given the freedom to make their choice. Feel free to live the way they want to. I believe in a free country,” says as she states her point of view on live-in relationships.

While Angira is well accustomed to how web platform works but it is a first for Vicky Kaushal. The actor shared her experience of working with Vicky. She said, “The thing is when I shot with him, I never felt like I have seen him before doing something else. He is so involved in the process of knowing and learning his character that you actually forget that he comes with the baggage of any other feature film. I completely negated the fact because he is so fresh, so new and does not get the attitude of “maine bohot filmein ki hai” on the sets. Now, we have become very good friends. He is so talented. It was very easy to work with him. When you find working with someone easy, you just know he is good at his craft because he can maneuver around the subject’s matter, which also helps you to grow. I am so happy that my first film is with someone like him. He is doing such a great work. I think it is going to be the wonderful year for him.”


As the conservation came to an end, Angira spoke about what is in store for her, “I am very grateful that I am swarmed with offers from web but currently, I am looking only for feature films. I love its format and would love to see myself on the big screen. Not that I am against working on web series or even television, but right now, I am high on feature films. I am reading many scripts, interesting stuff but cannot really talk about it for now.” She feels web-world has definitely opened up a whole new level of opportunity for aspiring filmmakers, actors and even technicians. “I feel web has opened up a whole new opportunity window, not just for actors, but even the technical people. It has got an extremely amazing medium to reach the audience. It is a big boon for the industry. I believe soon the lines between silver screen, television and web-world would get blurred,” said Angira Dhar.