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Saturday, August 08, 2020

Amol Parashar: A part of our hearts is attached to Tripling

Amol Parashar is set to reprise his role of Chitvan in TVF Tripling 2, which begins streaming from April 5. In an exclusive interaction, Amol shared what to expect from the latest season of the web show.

Written by Mimansa Shekhar | New Delhi | Published: March 31, 2019 9:25:10 pm
Amol Parashar Tripling 2 Chitvan Amol Parashar plays the youngest sibling in TVF’s Tripling.

Amol Parashar is gearing up for Tripling season 2, which brings back his Chitvan along with co-stars Sumeet Vyaas and Maanvi Gagroo as Chandan and Chanchal. It begins streaming on TVF Play and SonyLIV from April 5.

Amol, in a candid interaction with, revealed why shooting for Tripling felt like coming back to family and what more to expect from the shenanigans of Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan.

Here are excerpts from the conversation:

Q. Things are heating up in season 2. Does that mean there will be less fun and more emotion?

We never saw Tripling as an out and out funny show. It was always supposed to be a show that was slice-of-life – occasionally funny and quirky, sometimes real and emotional. That soul of the show is still intact in the second season. In fact, the attempt is to take it a step further emotionally. The reason for the journey this time is more dramatic than the first time but the journey remains as quirky and unpredictable.

Q. While Chandan and Chanchal are caught in their own mess, Chitvan is still the “Beautiful Baba”. Has Chitvan really not changed?

All of them have changed a bit and moved on with their lives. While Chandan and Chanchal have a more organic growth, the interesting part with Chitvan’s character is that it is impossible to predict what he might be doing two years down the line. Given the kind of person he is, he could be in any part of the world, trying out any new profession, letting himself flow into unfamiliar situations. Of course, people change with time, but they also remain the same, especially when they are around their roots and their family – which is the case with the three siblings as well.

Q. Tripling 2 has become bigger in terms of budget and packaging too. How was the road trip different this time?

The budgets and packaging make the show look bigger and better. For us though, doing a scene together, travelling together, eating together, cracking jokes – the fun of all of that remains the same irrespective of the size of the camera. The only difference was that the trip was broken into smaller schedules this time to ensure proper planning and preparation in all cities.

amol parashar, maanvi gagroo and sumeet vyaas in tripling Tripling 2 has been directed by Sameer Saxena and written by Sumeet Vyaas and Akarsh Khurana. (Photo: Amol Parashar/Twitter)

Q. How was the bonding off-screen?

Shooting for Tripling after a gap was indeed like coming back to family. These people are not just professional colleagues but longtime friends and confidantes. The kind of trust and faith we have in each other does not only add to the fun of it but makes you perform better as an actor. Everything becomes easy and more natural. And, making this show feels like a collaborative effort. A part of all our hearts is attached to this show and everybody goes an extra mile to make sure the show gets made well.

Q. The cast has also grown. Does that take away from the screen time of the lead actors?

There are new characters that the Sharma siblings meet during this new journey. Although they are only a step in this whole journey but we needed solid actors because these characters are important pegs in this journey. We were more than happy to have Kubbra (Sait), Gajraj (Rao) ji and Shweta (Tripathi) join in on this journey with us. Having these actors only means that they bring in their talent and charisma and add value to the show. Again, these are friends whose work we are all a big fan of and they truly uplifted the scenes that they were in.

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