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Monday, January 18, 2021

Bawri Chhori is a quirky slice-of-life film: Aahana Kumra

Aahana Kumra talks about Bawri Chhori and why she doesn't like to repeat a role. Bawri Chhori will start streaming on Eros Now on January 11.

Written by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Updated: January 11, 2021 1:02:02 pm
aahana kumraAahana Kumra plays the role of a vengeful wife looking for her husband in Bawri Chhori. (Photo: Aahana Kumra/Instagram)

After having a busy 2020 with the release of three web series (Marzi, Betaal, Sandwiched Forever) and a film (Khuda Haafiz), Aahana Kumra is all set to begin 2021 with a bang. Her first film for the year, Bawri Chhori, will start streaming on Eros Now on January 11.

In the Akhilesh Jaiswal film, Kumra essays the role of a vengeful wife looking for her husband, not to bring him back but to beat him for abandoning her. According to the actor, her character is “interesting and funny but with shades of intensity.” She has also tried to incorporate her personal experiences in the film.

In this interview with, Aahana Kumra talks about Bawri Chhori and why she doesn’t like to repeat a role.

Excerpts from the conversation:

From the title of the film, your character seems to be quite interesting. Tell me about it.

Bawri Chhori is a small film made with just a 15 people crew and a very small budget. It is a quirky and sweet slice-of-life film. It isn’t a typical story about a girl who will go find her husband and ask him to come back. Instead, she will find him, beat him up and make his ‘achaar’ (pickle). I found this interesting and funny. How my character grows, meets new people and her entire journey appealed to me.

The first half of the trailer looks comic and towards the end, it gets into the thriller zone. So what exactly is the genre of the film?

It’s a coming-of-age film. Of course, there is a twist in the end. For me, what was interesting was how will my character feel when she will face the man who has wronged her and whom she has been looking for so long. The latter half of the movie has turned out really well.

Which part did you enjoy more while shooting – the comic part or the intense part?

I enjoyed both. I feel we all have a yin and yang. I did many comical roles last year, but I also did Marzi on Voot Select where my character had a major emotional graph. It required me to get emotionally invested in it. Also, I never use glycerine, so I become an unpleasant person if I am required to be unpleasant on the screen. And if I have to be emotionally drained, I will become distant. I have been trained like this since childhood. But yes, personally, I am a very funny person. Still, I wonder why am I always offered intense roles. However, I am glad that recently I have done quite a few comic roles, and people are now seeing me in a different light.

At some points, your character seems to have shades of Rani from Queen. Do you think the two are similar?

Rani (Queen) went to just have fun in Paris. But my character has gone with the intention of finding her husband and just beating him up. What we always tend to do is that we get stuck with a particular story or character. Rani’s story is not the story of just one person. Other people might have a similar story too. So, the premise of the story might be the same, but the conclusion of every story is different.

You had three web shows and a movie in 2020 and all of them had you playing characters starkly different from each other. Are you conscious about not repeating a particular genre?

I think I am. When a script comes to me, I always ponder, ‘Have I done this kind of a character before?’ So, it’s my conscious decision to not repeat a role, and then it happens automatically that I do not get similar roles. Maybe it’s some sort of message that I am sending out to the universe. Also, generally, only the versatility of a male actor is recognised and actresses are not given due credit. I think it’s high time that people realise female actors are also making a difference and picking up various roles. So, even we deserve some attention.

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