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Monday, April 06, 2020

World Famous Lover movie release: Highlights

Here's what celebrities, critics and fans said about World Famous Lover, starring Vijay Deverakonda, Raashi Khanna, Catherine Tresa, Izabelle Leite and Aishwarya Rajessh.

By: Entertainment Desk | New Delhi | Updated: February 15, 2020 6:08:18 am
World Famous Lover movie review World Famous Lover movie review: The Vijay Deverakonda film is expected to dominate the Telugu box office.

Vijay Deverakonda starrer World Famous Lover hits the screens today. Known for his work in Arjun Reddy and Dear Comrade among others, Deverakonda has made a name for himself with romantic dramas. As the title suggests, World Famous Lover is also a love story, but this might be the last love story for Deverakonda for the time being. The actor said, “World Famous Lover will be my last love story for a while.”

Alongside Deverakonda, the film also stars Raashi Khanna, Catherine Tresa, Izabelle Leite and Aishwarya Rajessh. It has been directed by K Kranthi Madhav.

In a media interaction in Hyderabad, Vijay Deverakonda spoke about the comparisons of his upcoming film with Arjun Reddy and said, “Even if I grow a beard for an action film or a science-fiction movie, people will still compare it to Arjun Reddy. It is unavoidable for me. Arjun Reddy is a kind of film that will be remembered for generations. So, I am not concerned about people comparing my new films with it. We can show the variations in love stories as well.”

Deverakonda added, “Geetha Govindam and Arjun Reddy are love stories that are very different from each other. In World Famous Lover (WFL), you will see three different love stories, and one of them shares a similarity with Arjun Reddy. But, overall, it has a unique format. I have never seen this kind of film before.”

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16:59 (IST)14 Feb 2020
'Good performances let down by weak music and inconsistent writing'

“#WorldFamousLover has good performances from @TheDeverakonda as #Seenayya @RaashiKhanna as #Yamini & @aishu_dil as #Suvarna but they are totally let down by weak music & inconsistent writing,” tweeted user @Benny_Muppaneni.

16:30 (IST)14 Feb 2020

“#WorldFamousLover #WorldFamousLoverReview. Worst movie in the year 2020...... Fully disappointed... Worst story , worst screenplay, worst direction...Waste of time and money... Y r u selecting these kinds of worst scripts #VijayDeverakonda. My rating 1.75/5,” posted user @krishna560005 on Twitter.

16:11 (IST)14 Feb 2020
'Remarkably entertaining'

User @ourpassion365 shared on Twitter, “#WorldFamousLover The movie itself a message aside and remarkably entertaining masterpiece. Ingeniously written & directed #KranthiMadhav. flawlessly acted @TheDeverakonda @RaashiKhanna , this is one of the great movie experiences of this year.”

15:51 (IST)14 Feb 2020
'Uninspiring writing'

“#WorldFamouslover a writer's block and the dilemma in his love and life is what #WFL  intended to be but turned out to be one idle theatre experience. Uninspiring writing with trivial plots and lousy direction contributing more damage. In one word #Avoidable #VijayDeverakonda,” tweeted user @manuthankachy. 

15:30 (IST)14 Feb 2020
World Famous Lover: Our verdict

World Famous Lover is not a cheesy romantic story about a man hurting from inside and fighting to win back the love of his life. It is an indictment of the male gaze that fails to see the other side of the story: women.

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15:11 (IST)14 Feb 2020
'Tough to ignore Arjun Reddy hangover'

User @pudiharicharan posted on Twitter, “#WorldFamousLover - Kranthi Madhav explores different phases of love through the eyes of a writer and as much as he tries hard, it's tough to ignore the Arjun Reddy hangover, especially in the second half and climax. It's the overall great performances that really makes it work.”

14:51 (IST)14 Feb 2020
'Average movie'

“#WorldFamousLover I'll keep it short and simple.. why is Vijay Deverakonda doing the same movies again and again.. why only romantic movies?? Try something new.. you are talented but this movie I tell you is average.. 2 out of 5.. one time watch..nothing new.. nothing different!!,” shared user @PnutB29 on Twitter.

14:32 (IST)14 Feb 2020
Check out the video song of Comosava Paris from World Famous Lover here

14:10 (IST)14 Feb 2020
'Unconving narration'

User @varunkilaru tweeted, “#WFL - When the actor knows the backstory but the audience does not see it, the result is  #WorldFamousLover! Vijay shows pain that the audience doesn’t feel making us feel like he went overboard. All in all, the film disappoints with an unconvincing/conviction less narration!.”

13:50 (IST)14 Feb 2020
'Watch it for Aishwarya Rajesh and Vijay Devarakonda'

User @fridayfreeks posted on Twitter, “#WorldFamousLover is watchable. The story of VJD @TheDeverakonda & AR @aishu_dil is the best among the three. Direction could have been better. Performances from Vijay and Aishwarya are very very good. Go and watch it for this story.”

13:29 (IST)14 Feb 2020
'Aishwarya Rajesh steals the show'

“#WorldFamousLover has a novel script which is executed in a very tedious manner. It is a huge task to sit through the film without feeling frustrated. Vijay Deverakonda does what he always does. Aishwarya Rajesh steals the show in her limited role. Rating : 2/5 #WFL #WFLreview,” wrote user @BB_Friday on Twitter. 

13:09 (IST)14 Feb 2020
'Brings the best out of Raashi Khanna'

User @pudiharicharan tweeted, “#WorldFamousLover - The film extracts the best out of @RaashiKhanna in what's easily one of her most intense and rewarding characters. If you thought she was great in Tholiprema, she'll surprise you in WFL.”

12:49 (IST)14 Feb 2020
'Good script'

User @varindersingh24 shared on Twitter, “#WorldFamousLover has a good script which is executed in a very good manner.  #VijayDeverakonda does very good job as usual! #AishwaryaRajesh steals the show in her short role! @RaashiKhanna looks gorgeous in film! Rating : 3 #WFL #WFLreview @TheDeverakonda."

12:29 (IST)14 Feb 2020
'Lengthy and boring'

“#WorldFamousLover Lengthy and boring, Avg 1st half, bad 2nd half, prime lo kuda kastame,” tweeted user @ursmahe_p. 

12:16 (IST)14 Feb 2020
'Lacks soul and connect'

"#WorldFamousLover lacks soul and connect. Arjun Reddy turns writer. Deja vu!." writes Twitter user @KodelaDeepak.

12:02 (IST)14 Feb 2020
'World Famous Lover is one time watch'

Twitter user @AsliShiva writes, "#WorldFamousLover is One Time Watch film, The film has heart but lack soul, 1st half is good but 2nd half screenplay is too weak. Acting wise Vijay ,Rashi & Aish have done Justice. This Film can't be compare with #ArjunReddy. It is 1/10 of it."

11:46 (IST)14 Feb 2020
Watc a sneak peek of World Famous Lover
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Yaminiiiiiiiiiiii 😊 This Valentine's Day Come fall in Love 💕 #WorldFamousLover.

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11:12 (IST)14 Feb 2020
'Aishwarya Rajesh is super good'

"Aishwarya Rajesh is super good just as expected. If that’s her own voice then omg, she’s just next level," writes Twitter user @PinkCancerian.

10:56 (IST)14 Feb 2020
Vijay fans are loving the first half

"#WorldFamouslover Just now done with First half The movie is just beautifully scripted and strong acting. Vijay sir did freaking amazing. I didn't even wanna blink to miss out anything. It was that great. Seenayya is the best character ever. The way Vijay anna portrayed it," shared Twitter user @UserDiedMacha.

10:26 (IST)14 Feb 2020
Watch World Famous Lover song Comosava Paris

"World Famous Lover was one of the hardest films that I have done so far. Mentally and physically, it took a huge toll on me. I had to show physical variations, and I shot it in different makeups across multiple locations around the world for a long duration," shared Vijay Deverakonda.

Deverakonda will soon be making his debut in Hindi movies with a film titled Fighter. The film is also being shot in Telugu.