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SS Rajamouli explains how they created the interval sequence of RRR: ‘Shot for over 40 nights, was a logistical nightmare’

RRR's interval scene is one of the most-talked about scenes on the internet and SS Rajamouli explained how the team shot the scene.

rrrA still from RRR. (Photo: Disney+ Hotstar Telugu/YouTUbe)

SS Rajamouli’s RRR has garnered a huge following in the West after its release on streaming and the film is now on its Oscar campaign where they are trying to score as many nominations as possible in all he major categories. One of the most talked about scenes of the film is the pre-interval sequence where Jr NTR’s character unleashes a bunch of wild animals at the party being hosted by the Britishers. In a new interview, Rajamouli revealed how they shot the sequence that involved over 2,000 extras.

Talking about the scene to Screen Daily, Rajamouli said, “Physically, that was definitely the most challenging sequence by far.” He added, “It shot for more than 40 nights, involved almost 2,000 extras and was a logistical nightmare.” The scene required a lot of preparation as it had the visual effects supervisor V Srinivas Mohan working on the 3D animation of the animals.

Rajamouli shared, “We grossly underestimate the speed of an animal.” He elaborated, “A tiger runs at 50km per hour and is a 10-foot-long animal, so it’s very difficult to move the camera at the speed it travels. We placed LED lights on the ground that would flash to trace the movement of the tiger so the cameraman knew at what speed to move.”

He explained that they used remote-control with flags so the actors and the technicians would know what animals were around them and could react to those. “We also used remote-control cars with small flags showing a tiger, leopard and deer so the actors and extras knew what kind of animals were running around and how they should react,” he explained.

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The Bahubali director also spoke about the emotional depth of the scene as it was here that both Ram Charan and Tarak’s characters found each other on opposing ends. “I strongly believe that an emotional confrontation amidst action makes for a great cine­matic experience,’ he said.

RRR became one of the biggest hits in India in 2022. The film starrer Jr NTR and Ram Charan in lead roles. Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn also appeared in the film.

First published on: 02-12-2022 at 12:58 IST
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