Samantha Akkineni: Nagarjuna is a bible on how you should live your life

Samantha Akkineni: Nagarjuna is a bible on how you should live your life

Samantha Akkineni opens up about life post-marriage in a candid chat with Lakshmi Manchu on Feet Up With The Stars Telugu.

Samantha with family
Feet Up With The Stars Telugu streams on Voot. (Photo: Samantha Akkineni/Instagram)

The chat show Feet-Up With The Stars’ Telugu edition kick-started on September 23 with Samantha Akkineni as the guest. In the bare-it-all interview with Lakshmi Manchu, Samantha spoke about marrying Naga Chaitanya, career, children, her production house and much more.

Here are excerpts from the conversation:

One thing about Naga Chaitanya that made you feel that you want him for the rest of your life?

That I decided in the very first film (giggles.) Chay is husband material. He has seen me from nothing to what I am today. So, how can it be anyone else?

Any difference in the films you did before marriage and the ones you choose now?


As an actor, my choice has shifted to different kind of roles. Now when I get a romantic script, I am like ‘Oh no, not again’ because I have done it before.

Would you take a break after having a kid?

I definitely will not completely quit the industry.

Has Naga Chaitanya changed after marriage?

He has become more responsible as an actor. He was in a closed world (before). His understanding of success or failure was different. Now, he has become very mature.

How is it being married into the Akkinenis and being related to the Daggubati family? Any pressure?

Swear to God, there was no pressure. Both the families are like friends and are so open with their children and treat them like adults who are capable of making their own decisions without any fear. I feel it (being part of Akkineni and Daggubati family) has been more of a strength because I have the advice of amazing people. I can now call Suresh uncle and say, ‘I have this doubt’ and he’s like the wizard of the Telugu industry. If you can answer his questions, your film is a hit.

Have your fans changed after your marital status?

Now, everyone has become a moral police. They tweet questions like – ‘Why are you playing such roles?’, ‘Why are you wearing such clothes?’ and ‘When are you planning a family?’. They are acting like fathers and mothers.

What is your aim as a producer?

We are actively searching content for women. And if I take up any project in future, it will be female-oriented.

Apart from Naga Chaitanya, who is the easiest actor to work with?

Ram Charan is the easiest to work with.

Who is the toughest co-star?

Jr NTR. There were 2-3 songs with Jr NTR. His dance… argh. I was practicing and working hard to learn the steps but he simply comes and watches. It is so irritating. Tamil star Vijay is the same.

Who adds colour to your life?

My father-in-law Nagarjuna. He is the bible on how to live your life.

Feet Up With The Stars Telugu streams on Voot.