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Thursday, January 23, 2020

RRR press meet: Highlights

RRR press meet: SS Rajamouli directorial RRR stars Jr NTR, Ram Charan, Alia Bhatt, Ajay Devgn and Daisy Edgar-Jones.

Written by A. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: March 14, 2019 9:19:34 pm
RRR SS Rajamouli’s RRR is bankrolled by DVV Danayya.

After the humungous success of the Baahubali franchise, filmmaker SS Rajamouli is working on his next blockbuster. Titled RRR, the movie stars Jr NTR, Ram Charan, Alia Bhatt, Ajay Devgn and Daisy Edgar-Jones.

Talking about RRR, Rajamouli shared, “RRR will not dwell on the stories of Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem’s rebellion that we already know. But, it will focus on what would have happened if they had met during their self-imposed exile and became friends.”

Produced by DVV Danayya, RRR will hit screens on July 30, 2020.

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    15:09 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    Watch RRR press meet
    14:43 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    GV Prakash wishes good luck to RRR team

    GV Prakash took to Twitter and wished SS Rajamouli all the best for his next titled RRR. He wrote, "Best of luck team #RRR 👏👏👏 my most fav Indian Director rajamouli sir"

    14:22 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    Ram Charan shares RRR first look

    14:00 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    SS Rajamouli to Alia Bhatt: Can't wait to see you in RRR

    SS Rajamouli replied to Alia Bhatt after the latter thanked the director for giving her a chance to be in his directorial. Rajamouli said that he cannot wait to see Alia compete with Ram Charan and Jr NTR. He wrote,"Heard so much about your raising the bar to compete with the costars. Cant wait to see you do that in my film..;) #RRR"

    13:48 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    Allu Sirish on RRR: It is going to be fireworks again

    Allu Sirish shared the first look of SS Rajamouli's upcoming magnum opus RRR. He wrote, "The theme, the casting and the span! Cant wait for #RRR from Telugu cinema's crown jewel : @ssrajamouli sir! It's gonna be fireworks on screen again."

    13:11 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    Alia Bhatt on RRR

    Alia Bhatt is excited to be a part of RRR. The actor tweeted, "Today I feel truly truly grateful.. Cannot wait to begin this beautiful journey with this stellar cast and massive team.. thank you @ssrajamouli sir for giving me this opportunity to be directed by you.. 💃💃💃💃 #RRRPressMeet"

    13:01 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    SS Rajamouli on handling pressure

    "I never felt it as a pressure, but it is a strength that so many people are waiting for my film," says SS Rajamouli.

    13:00 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    SS Rajamouli on Baahubali web series

    "The shooting is going on. By December, we might end the shoot," says SS Rajamouli.

    12:59 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    SS Rajamouli on Mahabharata

    "I did not say Mahabharata is next. Probably, it will be my last film. The story keeps running parallel in my mind," says SS Rajamouli.

    12:58 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    RRR's impact

    "The impact is that India will know about Telugu heroes - Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem," says Jr NTR.

    12:56 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    Will RRR repeat Baahubali success?

    "There is no limit to expectations, but the fear is if we will be able to cover costs and the reality lies in between," says SS Rajamouli.

    12:54 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    SS Rajamouli on working with Mahesh Babu

    "Surprisingly, at a Mahesh Babu event, when I asked his fans if they want to see Mahesh Babu as Alluri Sitarama Raju, they did not show excitement. When I asked James Bond, they were very keen," says SS Rajamouli.

    12:52 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    SS Rajamouli wanted to do RRR only with Jr NTR and Ram Charan

    "For some reason, if one of them would have said no, I would not have made this film. The way I wrote the character, these two actors suited it the best," says SS Rajamouli.

    12:51 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    'Ajay Devgn is not playing a villain'

    "Ajay Devgn is not playing a villain. The story is also placed in North India hence we have taken North Indian actors too. I did not think that I will put some Bollywood actors too. I wanted to create an impact. I decided on the actors based on relationships, dates, remuneration," says SS Rajamouli.

    12:46 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    Ram Charan on doing historic characters

    "This was a coincidence. This year, Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy will release and I will be portraying a character from the same era next year," says Ram Charan.

    12:44 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    RRR inspired by Motorcycle Diaries

    "The idea was mine. I saw Motorcycle Diaries. In the end, they reveal that the character in the film is not some guy but Che Guevara. That idea stuck with me. I also got fascinated with the idea that what if we narrate the entire story and reveal at the end who the two actually become in the future. The thought was planted by the film," says SS Rajamouli.

    12:40 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    RRR - A backstory

    "RRR is about the legends but before they become legends," says SS Rajamouli.

    12:38 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    Alia Bhatt plays Sita in RRR

    "I don't have boxes to tick when I take an actor. My box to tick is if a scene creates an impact on the audience. Alia Bhatt plays a fantastic character. She changes the course of the story. For me, a female character being mentally strong is important. Alia's character Sita is a very strong woman," says SS Rajamouli.

    12:36 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    'I will portray only what's not known about Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem'

    "I hope they get to know now. I will be honoured if they start reading about Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem. The story is not based on their legend. What we know about them is not I will portray. I will portray only what's not known. So, I am not worried," says SS Rajamouli.

    12:34 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    RRR budget

    Producer DVV Danayya reveals RRR has been made on a budget of Rs 350-400 crore.

    12:31 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    SS Rajamouli on Ram Charan and Jr NTR's characters

    "There are other characters in the film, but the story is completely about the two actors and the characters they play. They are heroes and villains, both," says SS Rajamouli.

    12:27 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    On roping in two superstars for RRR

    "As a filmmaker, you should first think about the story. The fans should be able to forget the stars but see the characters. That is the biggest task. They should be able to trust and believe the characters. There has to be a balance, of course. There should be balance in the love audience showers on both the characters. If one is greater than the other, it is an unbalanced story. The audience will have empathy for both the characters. That I have ensured," says SS Rajamouli.

    12:23 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    On striking a balance in RRR

    "There will be problems. When Alluri Sitarama Raju was enacted by Nageswara Rao, did he stop?" says SS Rajamouli.

    12:21 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    SS Rajamouli on choosing RRR after Baahubali films

    "I work on a film thinking it is my first film. I try to put past successes in the closet. I know what people expect, but that should not affect my work," says SS Rajamouli.

    12:19 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    On picking Telugu actors again for a global film

    "Of course, working with two Telugu actors made sense. Baahubali was also with two leading Telugu actors, and it did wonders. If the story is strong, the actors do not matter. If the audience associates with the characters, the boundaries can be crossed," says SS Rajamouli.

    12:17 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    Jr NTR on agreeing to work with Ram Charan

    "I am doing RRR because of SS Rajamouli. Also, it is the confidence we both have in ourselves. It is the mix," says Jr NTR.

    12:13 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    RRR setting

    "The entire story is based in pre-independence era," says SS Rajamouli.

    12:12 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    On bringing romance angle into Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem's story

    "Both have had romances in their respective lives. I am representing facts that no one knows. The story is fictional but inspired by facts," says SS Rajamouli.

    12:10 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    RRR release date

    "We will release the film in July 2020 worldwide in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. There are demands for its release in other languages. We are planning to release the film in all the Indian languages," says DVV Danayya.

    12:08 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    RRR is a film that demands a lot from the actors: Jr NTR

    "I had expressed to my friends that I am going to be very confident. But I am actually very nervous. This film is special and will stay so in my career. My bonding with Ram Charan did not start with the film. He is one of my friends who has shared my sorrows and happiness. When the film was given to us, our friendship went to another level. I hope our friendship stays the same. RRR is a film that demands a lot from the actors. Now, we are just imagining the possibilities of them meeting each other at some point. So, it is a new chapter for us. I believe an actor should know less about the character he plays, but here it is completely different. I think both I and Charan will grow as an actor while working on the film. The workshops and training we have taken were fantastic. This will help our future films as well. The thought SS Rajamouli has turned into a film will definitely bring him success. It is our honour to be a part of the film. I thank him for giving us the opportunity to be a part of the film. I thank Charan for not thinking twice before coming on-board and I am proud that we are making this happen. It is only because of the confidence we have on the director and our friendship. We hope and wish that we bring a great experience for our audience," says Jr NTR.

    12:02 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    Ram Charan on RRR

    "I am very happy to be a part of the project and that too like this. My best friend from the industry and Danayya too, it is a very happy occasion. A year back, I met SS Rajamouli on the way to the airport. Tarak was sitting in a relaxed position. Tarak saw me and asked what are you doing here. SS took us inside and that is when he announced. We both were very happy. We hugged him and expressed that we both are happy to work in the film. It was a memorable moment. That is when we took the first photo and shared with you all. It is a fictional story. We were very careful while working on it. Hopeful this becomes one of the biggest projects. Our schedule has not started, but I am waiting for it," says Ram Charan.

    11:58 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    Title is RRR

    "RRR will be the common title for all the languages, but each version will have different expansion. The expansion of the titles will be taken from fans," says SS Rajamouli.

    11:57 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    Daisy Edgar-Jones in RRR

    "Daisy Edgar-Jones will share screen space with Jr NTR," says SS Rajamouli.

    11:56 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    RRR is inspired by Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem

    "When I read about Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem, it was exciting to know that their story is similar. They never met each other. What if they had met? What if they had got inspired by each other? That is what RRR is about. It is completely fictitious. The film is mounted on a very large scale. We had to do a lot of research for it. To know costumes, their dialect, their way of living and that is why it took so much time for us to get this together," says RRR director SS Rajamouli.

    11:49 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    Ajay Devgn in RRR

    Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn will make his Tollywood debut with RRR. "Ajay will play a powerful role in RRR," says SS Rajamouli.

    11:47 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    Alia in RRR

    "Alia Bhatt will share screen space with Ram Charan in RRR," says director SS Rajamouli.

    11:40 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    Watch RRR press meet

    11:38 (IST)14 Mar 2019
    RRR press meet begins

    The press meet of director SS Rajamouli’s RRR is being held at Hyderabad's Park Hyatt. The Baahubali director is expected to reveal important details about the film at the event. He will be joined by RRR's lead actors Jr NTR and Ram Charan.

    SS Rajamouli reunites with his Baahubali crew for RRR. Screenwriter Vijayendra Prasad, costume designer Rama Rajamouli, VFX Supervisor V Srinivasa Mohan, art director Sabu Cyril, cinematographer KK Senthil Kumar and music director MM Keeravani are part of RRR's crew.