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Ranarangam is gripping: Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal Aggarwal on her role in Ranarangam and evolution as an actor and person over the years.

Kajal Aggarwal
Kajal Aggarwal’s Ranarangam and Comali will hit screens on August 15. (Photo: Nikhil Shastri)

Kajal Aggarwal has played a key role in Telugu film Ranarangam and Tamil film Comali. The actor is quite excited about the clash and hopes that both the films do well at the box office.

In a recent free-wheeling conversation with the media, Kajal opened up about her role in Ranarangam and evolution as an actor and person over the years.

Q. Tell us about your character in Ranarangam.

I play a doctor in the movie and my character comes in the second half. To be honest with you, this is not my film. Please don’t go to see this film expecting to see me for three hours. The story is gripping and entertaining. That’s why I agreed to be a part of Ranarangam.

Q. Ranarangam and Comali are releasing on the same day. How are you feeling?


It is a nice feeling. Earlier also I had two of my Tamil films Thuppakki and Maattrraan releasing on the same day. Two Telugu movies of mine also clashed in the past. Let’s hope both movies do well.

Q. Did you feel disappointed as Sita did not meet expectations?

I can work hard for my movies, but the results are not in my hand. I believed in the story and with all my belief and hard work, I went ahead. More than that, the success or the failure is not in the artiste’s hand. Of course, I had my learning and I am not saying that it is God’s fault or any such thing. I take full responsibility for the movie. It’s my film and I am very proud of it. I have no regrets about my judgment. For me, my character was brilliant and I have got unanimous appreciation for my work. Now, whether the movie works or not – it’s a team effort. I don’t make the movie and nor am I the director. From spot-boy, technicians to the actors, everyone has to work together. That’s why a movie is a teamwork. So, the result wouldn’t be in one person’s control. But, having said that I still believe that my judgment was very good. I still stand by it. I think Sita is one of my finest works.

Q. Are you still part of Indian 2?

I won’t walk out of that film. I am dying to work with Shankar sir and my character is fab. I will start shooting for the film from November.

Q. How was your working experience with Sharwanand?

Sharwanand is a very sweet and silent guy. I like his working style. I didn’t have too much of interaction with him because I was not there on the sets for too long.

Q. It looks like Paris Paris landed in some censor controversy.

I have heard that there were some major issues with the censor. The film has nothing extra and it is a faithful remake of the Hindi Queen. I don’t know why they had a problem with this. Maybe, it is just Tamil censor board that has an issue. The production house is working on it with the revising committee of the censor board.

Q. You have done more than 50 movies. What have you learnt?

I think I have understood my responsibilities a lot more. Earlier, it was easier because I could just be a part of a film without caring whether the film is going to be a hit or flop. Now, I feel more responsible and I feel like I need to be wiser in my choices. I need to keep delivering in different ways. Earlier, it was easier for me to do bubbly roles and get away with it. But, now I can’t. I am not that person anymore and there is a lot more to life.