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Kajal Aggarwal’s sister Nisha has a ‘selfish wish’ on her birthday: Hope she has a baby soon

On Kajal Aggarwal's birthday, her sister Nisha Aggarwal spoke about their bond, the actor's wedding to Gautam Kitchlu last year and much more.

Nisha Aggarwal on Kajal AggarwalNisha Aggarwal spoke about her bond with sister Kajal Aggarwal. (Photo: Nisha Aggarwal/Instagram)

We know of Kajal Aggarwal as a successful actor with an amazing filmography, but obviously, there is more to her personality. She is a daughter, a sister, a hands-on aunt and now, a wife. On her 36th birthday, we spoke to her sister Nisha Aggarwal, who told us about the kind of bond she shares with Kajal, her relationship with Kajal’s husband Gautam Kitchlu and her one big wish for the actor on her birthday.

For ‘purely selfish reasons’, Nisha hopes that Kajal has a baby soon. She says with a giggle, “I hope she has a baby soon for selfish reasons. I have been telling her from the time she got married. Because if they make it too late, my son won’t get along because of the age gap. He is already 3. So, these guys need to hurry up.”

Is Kajal big on celebrating her birthday?

She is very excited about her birthdays. She always had birthday parties. I remember once my grandfather hosted this huge birthday bash for her. She has always been dada and nana’s pari. She always does something special.

Nisha Aggarwal Nisha Aggarwal spoke about her bond with Kajal Aggarwal. (Photo: Nisha Aggarwal/Instagram)

How would you describe Kajal?

She is an enthusiastic, outgoing, fun-loving person with lots of unconditional love for everyone she is close to. She is very trusting. Ever since she has grown professionally, she has become so grounded, which I feel is so endearing. She is herself, no matter what.

Kajal Aggarwal with nisha aggarwal A picture of Kajal and Nisha from the actor’s bridal shower. (Photo: Nisha Aggarwal/Instagram)

Give us a sneak-peek into the kind of relationship you share with Kajal?

I feel one is lucky to have a sister or a brother in their life. They are lucky to have each other. For example, with regards to my son, he doesn’t have a sibling. He asks me, ‘Mumma I want a baby brother or baby sister.’ I say, ‘Ok, go and convince Kajal maasi.’


Our relationship is like any two sisters. It has also evolved over the years. Earlier, it (bond) wasn’t about deep conversation as much as it is today. Now, we discuss more important things in life, like, ‘I am getting married to this guy, what do you think’ or ‘my son did this, what do you think.’ Now, it truly matters what the other thinks. We have evolved over the years and become spiritual. It has been a group effort from us and our parents. So, we take each other and our pieces of advice seriously and even resonate with it.

Kajal Aggarwal photos Here’s a stunning picture of Nisha with Kajal. (Photo: Nisha Aggarwal/Instagram)

Were you open with each other about relationships? Did you know Kajal wanted to marry Gautam?

It has always been a work in progress. I was seeing my husband for five years before we got married and Kajal knew about it. She used to stalk my phone when we would travel together and I used to get so angry at her for reading my messages. But we knew that this is it. Kajal was seeing Gautam for 7-8 years, on and off. But I knew she wanted to get married to him. So, there were no surprises as such. I sure was excited that she finally understood and realised who she wants to marry, but it has been a journey.

How was it organising D-Day for Kajal?


Honestly, a lot of paranoia because of Covid-19. I think it was only in my mind because I was getting worried that people weren’t looking at the Covid-19 situation. I would tell Kajal to get married at home, to invite only 30 people. At a point, I was like ‘I don’t think I can come to the wedding.’ Kajal was like, ‘Don’t talk to me for a while if this is what you want to talk about.’ Then later, I let it go and enjoyed the wedding. It was different. We were sitting at home and getting things organised unlike mine when we kept going outside to buy stuff every day. I think intimate weddings with a lesser number of guests are more special.

When you visited your parents after Kajal got married, what was the feeling like?

It was a massive void. I felt it more because of my mother. It was such an empty feeling for her. I stayed with her for a couple of days after the marriage. Good thing, Kajal stays nearby to our house. But more than anyone else, my son felt her absence.

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How has your bond changed with Gautam?

Except for the way I address him, nothing has changed. He is the same. He is a friend, there is no formality.

We know Kajal is also very close to your son Ishaan. How is she as an aunt?


She is not a maasi, she is more of a mom. If my son is not with me, he will stay with her or my mother-in-law. That’s how close he is with the two. She is very nice and goes out of her way to please him. There are times when we stay at mom’s house, he sleeps with her. She is so protective and caring, but wants to give him the right values.

How about Gautam. Is he close to Ishaan?

He is also too sweet. When Ishaan meets them, he behaves like he has met his friends. Sometimes he forgets the word maasa and calls him ‘Gautam’, which is too sweet. Kajal also becomes Kaj. They make a house inside the cupboard, a fort of the blankets and pillows. So, the bond is amazing to witness. They have a blast all the time.

Nisha Aggarwal and Kajal Aggarwal with son Ishaan Nisha Aggarwal said both Kajal Aggarwal and Gautam Kitchlu are hands on aunt and uncle to Ishaan. (Photo: Nisha Aggarwal/Instagram) Nisha Aggarwal A candid picture of Kajal with her nephew Ishaan. (Photo: Nisha Aggarwal/Instagram)

How is your bond with your parents? 

We both want to be mumma’s girl. We are a bit obsessed with our mother because we genuinely think she is the most ideal person. The way she is with people, the way she talks, everything about her. We want to be her. But we are also papa’s angels.

Nisha Aggarwal and Kajal Aggarwal with their mother Nisha Aggarwal and Kajal Aggarwal with their mother. (Photo: Kajal Aggarwal/Instagram)

You also tried your hands at acting. How supportive was Kajal?

I have seen her get past the hard times to get where she is. She has enjoyed her journey to the fullest. She is so passionate about the job.

I was apprehensive of being a part of the industry but when she was shooting for Magadheera, I randomly got invited to inaugurate a showroom. My pictures from the event were spotted and that’s how I ended up getting my debut film. She was very supportive. She wanted me to give it a try. She was already a star by the time I entered the industry.

Any of the performances of Kajal that you love?

I loved her first film Lakshmi Kalyanam. I loved her performance. I will always go back to it. Chandamama is how she is in person but in Lakshmi, the character was completely different to her personality.

Kajal Aggarwal with Gautam Kitchlu Kajal Aggarwal got married to Gautam Kitchlu in October, 2020. (Photo: Kajal Aggarwal/Instagram)

How would you describe her journey?

She is blessed. She has been able to take the right steps. She has had family support, which I think is everything in this journey. My parents have been an integral part of her journey. Without her hard work and our parents’ support, she wouldn’t have had the journey that she has now. She gives it all to her work. With every success, she has evolved and become grounded. What has changed is she was an angry young woman but now she is much calmer, which is phenomenal.

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I wish her all the love there is. I wish there is never a dull moment in her life but if it is there, I wish her the strength to move on.

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