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Inside Pooja Hegde’s home: A walk-in closet with all her prize possessions, ceilings done like monuments. Watch

Pooja Hegde gives a tour of her home which is her 'safe space' and has a special wall that is dedicated to cinema.

pooja home yourPooja Hegde gives a tour of her home. (photo: Screengrab/YouTube)

Actor Pooja Hegde’s home reflects her personality and she has put in a lot of effort to ensure that every nook and corner is just done so. The actor lives in a highrise apartment that offers a bird’s eye view of Mumbai. As Pooja gives a tour of her home, opening up some spaces which were earlier meant only for her and her close daily and friends, she calls it her safe space where she can be herself.

In a video, shared as part of Asian Paints’ series that takes us inside the homes of celebs, she says that she always wanted her home to tell a story.

“Pooja Hegde’s abode of happiness is a collection of stories. Almost like a film reel running through the floor and the walls, each element in this home is a movie with love, life and drama that brings a feeling of belonging, comfort and calm to the superstar herself,” the description reads.

Check out some photos from Pooja Hegde’s home:

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“The home makes use of space smartly, with hidden doors that reveal storage space. Colours through the home are in pastels, while the lights and fixtures around the house make use of exposed filaments as a motif. It’s rare to see a home like this one: built with the wisdom of older homes in India, and paired with a modern design aesthetic that mirrors the best in the world,” it adds.

Here’s a tour of Pooja Hegde’s home:


Pooja calls the door to her home ‘íts trailer’. Done up in green with Pooja’s name alongside in gold (don’t miss the star that adorns it), it leads into a living-and-dining room with furniture in various shades of white and pink. The actor showed off her couch in pink where she likes to snuggle with a book. The room leads off to an open kitchen done up in shades of blue with open filament bulbs in design detail. Pooja also shows off hidden doors that can be used to partition the kitchen when needed. She also shows off her walk in closet, home for her expensive bags and favourite shoes.

The passageway that leads to her bedroom is adorned with posters of her favourite films such as Sideways, Chupke Chupke and those made by Christopher Nolan. The bedroom is her real sanctuary where she catches up on films on a pull down screen. She calls designing the home a roller-coaster ride, which helped her realise the sort of person she is.

First published on: 14-11-2022 at 14:26 IST
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