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Friday, May 20, 2022
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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 September 9 episode: Ariyana and Syed enter the house

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 airs Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm on Star Maa channel. On Saturday and Sunday, the show will air at 9 pm.

Written by Gabbeta Ranjith Kumar | Hyderabad |
Updated: September 13, 2020 10:38:07 pm
Bigg Boss Telugu 4Bigg Boss Telugu 4 airs on Star Maa.

Actor Nagarjuna Akkineni is back with the fourth season of Bigg Boss Telugu. The reality show premiered on Star Maa on September 6 with Surya Kiran, Monal Gajjar, Abijeet Duddala, Lasya Manjunath, Sujatha, Ariyana Glory, Syed Sohel Ryan, Alekhya Harika, Devi Nagavalli, Mehaboob Shaikh, Amma Rajasekhar, Karate Kalyani, Noel Sean, Divi Vadthya, Akhil Sarthak and Gangavva as contestants.

Bigg Boss Telugu has so far featured different hosts every season except the latest season. This is unlike its other versions in India. While the first season of the reality show was hosted by Jr NTR, the second season was hosted by Nani. But it is the first time Nagarjuna is hosting the show for a second consecutive year.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 airs Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm on Star Maa, while on Saturday and Sunday, the show will air at 9 pm. If you miss watching the show live, you can stream the episodes later on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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22:38 (IST)13 Sep 2020
Bigg Boss Telugu 4 - Day 4 recap

The fourth episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 was aired on September 10.

The discussion around 'Who is the Bigg Boss house is Kattappa?' was at its peak.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss informed the housemates that they lost a significant amount from their 5000 luxury points due to the Kattapa among them.

Lastly, Bigg Boss announced the 2nd luxury budget task. Bigg Boss divided the housemates into four teams to make tomato pulp ketchup. While Surya Kiran was the coordinator for the task, Ariyana Glory, Syed Sohel Ryan acted as quality check managers and Gangavva was their assistant.

22:27 (IST)13 Sep 2020
Bigg Boss Telugu 4 - Day 3 recap

The third episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 was aired on September 9.

Ariyana Glory and Syed Sohel Ryan enter Bigg Boss house following Bigg Boss' suggestion. They had discussions with housemates about sending food and ration to their secret room. Arguments broke out between Abijeet and Sohel, and Ariyana and Noel. The entry of Ariyana and Syed into the house has changed equations in the house.

The episode also saw Akhil Sarthak and Karate Kalyani getting emotional. And there were further discussions about who among the housemates is the Kattappa.

Lastly, Gangavva continued to entertain with her antics.

13:01 (IST)09 Sep 2020
Sneak peek: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 - Day 3

Here's a sneak peek of the September 9 episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4.

13:00 (IST)09 Sep 2020
Ariyana and Syed enter Bigg Boss house

Ariyana Glory and Syed Sohel Ryan, who were in the secret room, enter the Bigg Boss house. They will ask housemates why they did not provide them food for the day.

12:58 (IST)09 Sep 2020
The Chitram Evaridi task

The housemates win 5000 luxury budget points in the Chitram Evaridi task.

12:49 (IST)09 Sep 2020
Akhil Sarthak: The Kattappa?

Gangavva couldn't help herself from telling Akhil Sarthak that most of the housemates believed he was the Kattapa among them.

11:32 (IST)09 Sep 2020
The Kattappa task

In another task, Bogg Boss asked housemates to write the name of one person who might be the Kattappa among them. They had to write the name on a slip of paper.

Mehaboob Shaikh, Noel Sean, Surya Kiran, Lasya Manjunath, Amma Rajasekhar and Akhil Sarthak are the names mentioned by the housemates on the slips which went into the secret box. Interestingly, most of the housemate believed that Akhil will be the Kattappa.

11:06 (IST)09 Sep 2020
Housemates refuse ration to Ariyana and Syed

From the secret room, Ariyana Glory and Syed Sohel Ryan made a call to the Bigg Boss house for food. However, housemates refused to send their rations.

11:05 (IST)09 Sep 2020
Another task

Bigg Boss assigned yet another task. In the task, Karate Kalyani, as the teacher, explained the rules of the Bigg Boss house to the housemates. During the task, Gangavva entertained all with her sarcastic dialogues about the teacher (Kalyani) for failing her in the subjects.

10:57 (IST)09 Sep 2020
Gangavva is not liking it

In a casual chit chat with Lasya Manjunath, Devi Nagavalli, Abijeet Duddala and Mehaboob Shaikh in the garden, Gangavva expressed her displease over others always fighting over unnecessary things.

10:55 (IST)09 Sep 2020
Ariyana and Syed's games

In the secret room, Ariyana Glory and Syed Sohel Ryan practice how to talk like Bigg Boss so that they can order food from the housemates.

10:53 (IST)09 Sep 2020
Bigg Boss' warning

All housemates wake up to Nannaku Prematho song "Follow Follow". They notice still of Kattappa killing Baahubali all around the house.

10:44 (IST)09 Sep 2020
Bigg Boss Telugu 4 - Day 2 recap

The second episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 was aired on September 8.

19:45 (IST)08 Sep 2020
Syed and Ariyana ask for trouble

It looks like things will take a turn for the worse between Syed Sohel Ryan and Ariyana Glor and housemates.

14:11 (IST)08 Sep 2020
Sneak peek: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 - Day 2

Day 2 will see director Surya Kiran regaling the housemates with some rap. It also looks like the housemates will get another task, in which Karate Kalyani is the teacher. While the housemates crack jokes on Gangavva, she shows that she is not the one to take it lying down.

13:44 (IST)08 Sep 2020
Bigg Boss' warning

Bigg Boss warned the housemates that one housemate among them could behave like Kattappa and back-stab them during tasks and house related work.

13:40 (IST)08 Sep 2020
Sujatha vs Karate Kalyan

There is no love lost between Sujatha and Karate Kalyani. The duo fought after the nomination task, leaving Kalyani in tears.

13:36 (IST)08 Sep 2020
Nominated for elimination

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4's first nomination task happened on August 7. At the end of the task, Abijeet Duddala, Surya Kiran, Akhil Sarthak, Divi Vadthya, Mehaboob Shaikh, Sujatha, and Gangavva were nominated for elimination on Day 1.

13:31 (IST)08 Sep 2020
Syed and Ariyana's task

Syed Sohel Ryan and Ariyana Glory gave a cooking task to the housemates. The housemates later realise that the cooking task was not given by Bigg Boss. What followed was a heated discussion between Sujatha and others for not properly figuring out the task.

13:26 (IST)08 Sep 2020
First task of Bigg Boss Telugu 4

In the first task of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4, each participant had to select a slip from a bowl and ask any housemate the question which is written on it. During the task, Monal Gajjar remembered her family and became very emotional. Gangavva too became emotional looking at Monal.

Saikumar Pampana and Jabardasth fame Avinash will reportedly enter the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 house as wild card contestants.

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