With Adhugo, we have achieved Disney-level quality in animation: Director Ravi Babu

Director Ravi Babu, who is known for helming unique films like Avunu series, Amaravathi, Anasuya, Nuvvila, is now gearing up to enthrall moviegoers with his next release Adhugo.

Written by Gabbeta Ranjith Kumar | Hyderabad | Published: November 6, 2018 11:42:16 am

Adhugo film director Ravi Babu Adhugo film director Ravi Babu with legendary actor Rajendra Prasad.

Director Ravi Babu, who is known for helming unique films such as Avunu series, Amaravathi, Anasuya, Nuvvila, is now gearing up to enthrall the moviegoers with his next release Adhugo. The movie, which has a 3D animated piglet as the lead, is all set to hit the theaters on November 7. The versatile director exclusively interacted with indianexpress.com recently. Excerpts from the interview:

The conception of Adhugo

“I thought of making a film with an animal. But many movies have already come with the same idea. On the other hand, what I have observed is, when children watch cartoon shows, they usually get excited with the presence of pigs or piglets in those shows. Till now, no one has come up with a film with a piglet as the protagonist. So, based on these points I thought of doing a film that will bring uniqueness to the project,” said the director.

On the narrative

The filmmaker opened up on the subject of the script as well and said, “The story is about a piglet called Bunty, who is quite mischievous. One day, Bunty leaves its home and enters into the world of humans and faces severe problems. During the process, it realises that one should definitely listen to their parents and eventually comes back home.”

Shooting process

“We shot the movie in live action and used photorealism technique to make the animated piglet appear ‘real’ within the environmental surroundings. We preferred this format for the purpose of creative control as well,” Ravi Babu said.

On VFX and handling the pressure

“Not only with regard to the VFX process, but in many ways, Adhugo has helped me experience new things. At times, I thought of leaving filmmaking because of the pressure and frustration Adhugo had put on me. The film’s budget also increased multiple folds due to the special effects,” Ravi Babu said.

“In our country, we have talented technicians; but proper channels and pipelines are yet to be set in VFX productions. In visual effects sector, increased manpower-hours is equal to increased cost. Because of this, our film’s budget escalated as well. The film took almost 750 hours for colour correction due to different technical layers. In the end, the entire team felt happy with the output and I can proudly say that we achieved Disney-level quality in creating the animated piglet,” he added.

Ravi Babu with Adhugo team Ravi Babu with Adhugo team.

Performances in Adhugo

“In Adhugo, I portray the role of a villain. We also took new faces for the main roles to give a fresh look to the narration. In my view, new artists in a new subject bring a certain nobility to the project,” said the filmmaker, who will also be featuring in the movie.

The voice-over

“We considered many actors for the voiceover of piglet but hesitated to approach them due to many reasons. But finally, we approached actor Rajendra Prasad, who gave his nod readily,” said the director.

Adhugo sequel and future projects

When asked about upcoming projects and Adhugo sequel, Ravi Babu said, “I have three ideas for my next project, but I have not yet decided on the subject fully. As far as the Adhugo sequel is concerned, I would love to do it. But that completely depends on the response from the audience to Adhugo.”

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