Yeh Hain Mohabbatein 8 February 2017 full episode written update: Nidhi cheats Mani in business

Ishita again leaves the Bhalla house when she finds Toshi was pretending to be sick. Ishita has shifted to Mani’s house with Ruhi and Pihu.

Written by Neha Nigam | Published: February 8, 2017 11:51:01 pm
Yeh Hain Mohabbatein Ishita comes to know about Mihika and Toshi’s lie. She blames Raman for it. She thinks that Raman has planned it, she says that Raman has used his mother’s ill health to win the fight. (Representational Image)

Ishita comes to know about Mihika and Toshi’s lie. She blames Raman for it. She thinks that Raman has planned it, she says that Raman has used his mother’s ill health to win the fight. She is very angry. Just then, Neelu calls Ishita to check about Shagun who is complaining of pain. Raman is scolding Mihika and Toshi, he knows that Ishita will put all the blame on him.


Mani also comes to the Bhalla house when he learns about Shagun. He is concerned whether he will be able to take care of Shagun single-handedly. Ishita says she will shift to Mani’s house to take care of Shagun. Raman and Toshi don’t like it, they request Ishita not to take such a big step. Ishita says she is going as Shagun needs her at this time. She says to Mani that both her daughters will also come along with her. Adi tries to convince Ishita as he doesn’t want Ishita to help Shagun. Ishita says that she values Shagun, moreover, she wants Raman to realise his mistake. When they all live far from him, he will value the importance of the family and also will not play cheap tricks. There, Mani tells Raman that if Ishita comes to his house, he will be relaxed. Also, he will persuade Ishita to come back to her house. Mani tells Raman and Romi about his new project, he tells Raman that he has invested all his savings in the new project. Mani says that he needs to give more time to his business.

Gaurav is planning to impress Mr. Bhalla. He goes to pension office and bribes the clerk, he gives the money to the clerk and asks him to give it to Vishwa as a pension. Param has come for some work in the same office, he sees Gaurav. Vishwa gets very happy after receiving the pension without any hassle. Param comes and tells Mr. Bhalla and Vishwa that Gaurav gave the money to the clerk to give it as pension. Mr. Bhalla doesn’t believe Param, he checks with the clerk. The clerk plays smart, he accepts that he took the money but says it has been given by Param, not Gaurav. Mr. Bhalla scolds Param, he says that Param wants to defame Gaurav. Vishwa gets a call and they immediately leave for Bhalla house. They get to know about Ishita’s decision. Toshi says to Raman that Ishita is vdeeply hurt otherwise she would not have taken this step. She suggests Raman to take Ishita more seriously this time. Romi, Mihika, Vishwa also asks Raman to appease Ishita in any condition. They say, now only Raman can bring her back.

Mani is shocked after hearing that he has invested in a fake company. The company is being raided and the owner has been jailed. Mani panics and decides to meet the owner. He goes to jail and gets shocked when he meets the owner. The owner is Nidhi, who conspired to trap Mani. She wants Mani’s help to take revenge from Raman and Ishita. Mani refuses. She says that after hearing the news of loss in business, Shagun will get tensed and the baby could be aborted. Nidhi already knows about Shagun’s delicate health condition, she tries to make Mani scared of the consequences. Mani doesn’t agree. Nidhi plays her next trick, she tells Mani that her aunt Shobhana is under her custody. She threatens Mani that she will harm Shobhana if Mani will not help her. She convinces Mani that if Mani will get ready to help her then she will return all his money and will also not harm Shobhana. Mani should give priority to his child.

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