Yeh Hain Mohabbatein 7th March 2017 full episode written update: Ishita is tensed as Raman, Pihu are missing

Yeh Hain Mohabbatein: Mani and Ishita doubt Raman as they think he has taken Pihu to some secret place.

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: March 7, 2017 9:16:59 pm
Yeh Hain Mohabbatein Yeh Hain Mohabbatein: Ishita gets a call from an unknown number, she gets pale after hearing the other side.

Pihu is happy to spend time with Ishita and Raman. They go to a restaurant together. Raman says that he misses his family very much. He want them back, Ishita doesn’t say anything. Raman requests Ishita to let him drop Pihu to a birthday party of her friend and later on he will take Pihu to the Bhalla house. Everyone in the family wants to meet her, so after having dinner there, he will drop Pihu to Mani’s house.

Nidhi comes to Shagun and tries to pollute her mind against Gulabo. Nidhi again asks Shagun to demand Gulabo’s documents, she says it seems Gulabo has some hidden agenda.

Adi wants to rectify the blunder he has done to the business. He goes to tender office and requests the officer to let him re-quote the figures. But, the officer gets angry and sends him back. Romi is trying to tell Raman about the wrong quotations, but seeing him so happy he hesitates. Adi is tensed, he gets angry at Aalia too. He thinks that he doesn’t have any business sense, he is a failure, he should have filed Ruhi’s quotations.

In the next scene, Ishita is looking very tensed and scared. Mani, Ruhi, Aalia and Shagun all ask what happened. Ishita is worried because Pihu is missing. She can’t tell them that Pihu was with Raman and he took her to her friend’s birthday party. Now, Raman is not picking up the call and Pihu is not at her friend’s house. When Mani repeatedly asks then Ishita says that Pihu was with Raman. Mani gets angry, he says that how can Ishita give Pihu’s responsibility to such an impulsive and irresponsible father. Ishita is crying, Shagun says that they should not think so negatively as Raman is Pihu’s father, he cannot be so careless. Mani and Ishita decide to go to the Blhalla house to search for Pihu there. Mani goes to Nidhi’s room and confronts Nidhi about missing Pihu. Nidhi tells that she has not done it and most probably Raman has taken Pihu with him. Mani thinks about it and believes that Raman must have taken Pihu to some secret place and i.e. he is not answering the calls too. He was trying hard to get his daughter back. Mani and Ishita go to the Bhalla house.

Mr. Bhalla tells Ishita that Raman and Pihu have left for Mani’s house just after the dinner. Ishita is so tensed that she starts shouting. She says she doesn’t know where Raman and Pihu are, it is late night and Raman is not attending her calls. She says that Raman is trying to take Pihu away from her. Romi asks Ishita to stay calm, Pihu is with her father, she will be fine. Ishita says Raman is an irresponsible father, she doesn’t trust him. Romi says Raman is doing so much for his family, he can never take such step. There, Adi is calling Ishita to take her help regarding the problem he is facing in office, but her number is busy.

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Just then, Ishita finds out that Pihu has uploaded party pictures few hours back. She worries that Pihu may have been kidnapped as she is so active on a social sites. Mihika asks her to call on Pihu’s mobile, but Pihu’s phone is switched off. Ishita gets a call from an unknown number, she gets pale after hearing the other side.

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