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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Yeh Hain Mohabbatein 1st March 2017 full episode written update: Raman gets worried that Ishita will fire Gulabo

Yeh Hain Mohabbatein 1st March 2017 full episode written update: Nidhi finds Raman and Romi together with Gulabo’s husbands. She decides to spy on them.

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | March 1, 2017 9:26:43 pm
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Ishita and Shagun are attending to Kartar Singh, who is being introduced as Gulabo’s husband. Just then, the maid comes and tells everyone that Gulabo’s husband has come. Romi’s friend comes and introduces himself as Gulabo’s husband. Shagun, Ishita and Gulabo, all get shocked. Raman tells Romi’s friend that why he came when his plan was cancelled. The doorbell rings again and Raman’s office employee also enters and says that he is Gulabo’s husband. Gulabo gets scared that she will be thrown out from the house now. Gulabo clarifies that she is married to all three men. She married Dharam because Kartar Singh was an army man and he did not come back from the war. She was young and lonely, so she married Dharam, her second husband. Later, when Dharam cheated on her, she married the third man. So she has three husbands as she did not leave anyone because she is an Indian wife, her life is very tragic. Ishita and Shagun smile after hearing Gulabo’s story. Ishita asks, then why she called all three for a dinner party. Gulabo says that she wants to be honest to Ishita that all her husbands are very hungry fellows, so they all came. Ishita says that they all are invited, they all can enjoy food with them.


Romi calls Raman to get the updates. Mihika hears Gulabo’s name and checks with Romi. Romi manipulates her and says he is very busy, he can’t go outside for dinner. Mihika feels suspicious. There, Aaliya has booked the movie tickets and she is waiting for Adi to finish his work and go out with her. But, Ruhi comes there and says that the management course is very tough and she is failing to understand so many things. Adi starts helping her with the subjects. Aaliya thinks that she will take Adi for a dinner and tears the movie tickets. Also, Ruhi suggests Adi to outsource the work when she notices Adi is stuck up in some office trouble. Adi compliments her and says Raman and Romi will be glad to know that Ruhi can think so cleverly.

Nidhi sees Gulabo sending her three husbands in the car. She checks with Shagun and Ishita. She comes to know that Gulabo has three husbands and they all are pretty cool about it. Nidhi thinks she has to find out the details of Gulabo, she is not like what she looks. Mihika again finds Romi talking to someone secretly, she assumes that Romi has some connection with Gulabo. She calls Ishita and says that she thinks Romi knows Gulabo well as they use to talk on the phone. Also Romi might have gone to meet Gulabo. Ishita says that she doubts that they both have any connection, still she will find out. Next day, Ishita asks Gulabo whether she knows Romi. Pihu says that she has introduced Romi uncle to Gulabo. Ishita thinks that Mihika is unnecessary doubting Romi and Gulabo.

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Raman and Romi call all the three men who acted as Gulabo’s husbands. They all compliment Raman for his superb story making. Raman asks them not to show their faces ever to Ishita. Raman says the he had a narrow escape from the situation. Nidhi sees them together and decides to spy on them. She wonders how Gulabo’s husbands know Raman and Romi so well.

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