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Monday, July 23, 2018

Yeh Hain Mohabbatein 16 December 2016 full episode written update: Raman beats Sohail

Raman finds Sohail in Ruhi's room and beats him till he loses consciousness in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: December 18, 2016 12:36:34 am
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Raman walks to Ruhi and Sohail and asks if this is how they work. Ishita tells Raman to go home and talk. But, Raman is very annoyed and he keeps confronting Ruhi who asks why he doesn’t have faith in his daughter. Ruhi tells him that she came to an Ayurvedic shop to buy medicine for Ishita. Sohail also says that he has suggested the medicine to Ruhi and he came with Ruhi to help her.

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Ruhi says Sohail that there is no need for any justification as he will not believe him or his daughter. She says he only knows how to get angry and doubt his children. Sohail asks her to be calm, but she keeps on showing her anger to Raman. She leaves with Sohail. Ishita asks Raman to calm down, but Raman says that he might be wrong, but he got hurt the way Ruhi shouted at him in front of everyone.

Simmi meets that guy in a cafe. She feels awkward, but the guy asks her to be comfortable. His name is Gaurav Bajaj and he is a writer. He tells Simmi about his hobbies and work, he tells her that he is single. Simmi also tell about her marital status and also that she has one 10-year-old daughter. They spend time together and Gaurav drops Simmi to her house.

Ishita and Raman reach home. Ishita tries to make Raman understand that he should give more space to Ruhi. She tells that a growing child needs a more delicate flow of communication. She advises Raman to be more sensitive towards his adult kids. On the other hand, Sohail tells Ruhi to understand Raman’s position.

As a father, he is supposed to be protective and possessive. Ruhi tells that she has no life, she is being spied every time and she is fed up of her father’s behaviour. Sohail tells her that she is lucky that Raman cares so much for her while his father can’t even remember him after his illness.

Ishita and Mihika serve dinner and ask Raman to eat. He asks for Ruhi. Ishita says that she will have it later. Raman doesn’t like it and tells Ishita that he will bring Ruhi to the dining table. Ishita tells Raman to be calm as the fight will not make things fine. Sohail calls Ruhi but she doesn’t pick up.Sohail gets worried and tries the landline number which Raman picks. Sohail gets scared and cuts the call. Raman again gets doubtful.

Raman wants to eat gajar ka halwa with Ruhi. He plans to patch up with her so she asks Toshi to give a bowl of halwa, he tells that he will make Ruhi eat it. Sohail comes to meet Ruhi but he is very scared of Raman so he doesn’t enter the house through main door. He climbs a pipe and reaches Ruhi’s room.

Ruhi is shocked to see him. Sohail tells her that he came here to check whether Ruhi is fine or not as she was not picking his call. Just then, Raman enters the room and gets shocked and angry to see Sohail in Ruhi’s room. Raman slaps Sohail. Everyone hears Raman shouting and come to Ruhi’s room. Raman and Romi start beating Sohail who gets injured. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to leave him and come out, he then takes Sohail to the hospital

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