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Monday, June 25, 2018

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th March 2017 full episode written update: Ishita fires Gulabo

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th March 2017 full episode written update: Ruhi builds Adi’s confidence and helps him take an important decision in business.

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: March 9, 2017 9:15:06 pm
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The episode starts at Mani’s house where Mani is telling Ishita that she should stop meeting Raman, he will never change. He will always be a careless father. Ishita says that Raman loves his kids more than anything in life. She says that she can never believe that Raman can put Pihu’s life in danger. Also, it seems that someone is trapping Raman, someone doesn’t want us to be together. Mani gets conscious. Ishita says that she will find out the person behind all this.

Romi comes to the police station to take Raman home. He tells Raman that all the charges against Raman have been dropped and he is free to go.

In the next scene, Raman gets angry at Adi for the goof-up he had done in filing the tenders. He scolds him in front of all the office staff. Romi takes Adi to his cabin and says everything will be fine. Adi has lost confidence in himself. Raman gets an SMS on Gulabo’s mobile from Pihu that she is down with fever. Raman immediately leaves for Mani’s house. Ishita is checking the CCTV footage of the pub. She finds out that a lady who looks like Gulabo had spiked Raman’s drink. She thinks that Gulabo tried to trap Raman.

In Raman’s office, Adi shouts at Ruhi and says that he doesn’t want any lecture from her. Ruhi asks him to calm down, she is not qualified to teach anything to her big brother. Adi panics again as he made a blunder in company’s product packaging. The company juice, which needs to be delivered, is not meeting the standards and taste of the company. The time is less, also they cannot compromise product quality. Adi feels like a loser, he says he is not good enough to take any decisions without Raman and Romi. Ruhi asks him not to take stress. She tastes the juice and gives an idea to Adi to stretch the deadline little more and add a tangy syrup to the juice to make it of desired taste. Adi worries whether they can do this. Ruhi gives him confidence and takes him to the factory.

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Nidhi hides the dress which she wore to look like Gulabo and also removes the pub’s stamp from her hand. She doesn’t want Ishita to doubt her. She waits for Ishita who will definitely remove Gulabo from the job.

Ishita tells Mani and Shagun about the CCTV footage. Mani and Shagun say that Gulabo can be a culprit as she has not submitted her documents also. Nidhi smiles, her plan are successful. Ishita confronts Gulabo, she checks Gulabo’s wrist where she finds the pub’s entry stamp. She asks Gulabo why she spiked Raman’s drink, what she was doing in the pub. Gulabo aka Raman is shocked, she is not able to understand what is happening. Ishita says that she checked the CCTV footage, where she saw Gulabo mixing something in Raman’s drink. Gulabo is speechless. Ishita says that Gulabo took the advantage of their simplicity. Ishita used to like her so much but she tried to kill Raman and Pihu in an accident.

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Ishita fires her and asks her to leave right now. Pihu comes and stops Ishita. She says that she will not let Gulabo go, she is a very good woman. And, it is not possible that Gulabo can spike Raman’s drink. Gulabo gets scared, she signals Pihu not to tell the truth. Gulabo says Ishita that she will bring the evidence to prove herself innocent.

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