Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th April 2017 full episode written update: Ashok and Gagan join forces to trouble Adi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th April 2017 full episode written update: Both Adi and Ruhi are facing different challenges at work and their parents are helping them to overcome their problems.

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: April 9, 2017 9:40:14 pm
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The episode starts with Ashok Khanna – he has called a goon to meet him, one who is troubling Adi in the village. His name is Gagan, and he wants to personally harm Adi. Ashok says that he will provide full support to make Adi’s life hell. He tells Gagan that Adi is the son of a powerful man, Raman. They have to plan something big for revenge. Ashok tells Gagan to stop the workers from going to the factory as Adi will not be able to start the work then. Gagan agrees.

There, Ishita is going through sleepless nights. She is afraid that something has happened to Adi. When she calls him and Adi doesn’t pick up, she gets worried and decides to go to the village to see him. Raman pulls her leg and says she is unnecessarily worried for Adi. At last, Raman drops Ishita at the guest house next morning.

Ishita tells that she has taken a week leave from the clinic and now she will live with Adi and take care of him. Adi is happy, he leaves for the work. Ishita finds local kids playing outside, one of the kids has a toothache. So, she calls all the kids inside and gives them sweets. She also cures the kid’s toothache. Their mother comes and appreciates Ishita. Ishita gets friendly with the neighbours, she introduces Adi to them.

Ruhi is doing work at a breakneck pace. She comes early to the office and expects her staff there. The secretary says that they will be there after some time. Romi feels proud of her and thinks that she is just behaving like Raman. Ruhi calls everyone to the meeting room to discuss the details of the project and to give deadlines. She tells Romi that she has to defeat Ashok i.e. she needs everyone to work hard.

The team wants to celebrate and congratulate Ruhi for bagging the project, they have arranged a small party for her. But, Ruhi is in a different mood. When she finds them in the mood of celebration, she gets irritated. She is about to shout at them, but before that, Raman enters and handles the situation.

Raman takes Ruhi to his cabin and tries to make her understand that she has to be polite with her staff. Ruhi says that the project is very big and she doesn’t want to entertain such parties and waste time. Raman advises her to be a team member to work successfully. If she misbehaves or tries to dominate the staff members she will not be able to get the desired support.

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There Adi is facing the workers issue, he doesn’t find a single labourer interested in coming to the factory. Adi shares his concerns with Ishita and says the people here are weird and he needs to find a solution quickly.

Ishita tells him to outsource the labour from Delhi, but Adi says that this will create more problem as the locals will object. Ishita suggest that he should sit together and find a solution. She goes to the hall where the kids and mothers were sitting, feels weird when she finds that they have left the place without informing her.

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